If you intend to manufacture trailers, there are a number of items you need to consider as well as items that you are
legally mandated to complete. This can be an overwhelming process but NATM is here to assist its members. 

If your trailer will be used on roadways, you are required to do the following:
  • Obtain a World Manufacturing Identifier (WMI)
    from the Society of Automotive Engineers
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    (NHTSA) Registration
  • State Registration and Regulation
  • Federal Regulations
You will also want to consider the following:
  • Finding suppliers and service providers 
  • Insurance
  • Components
  • Engineering services
  • Warning Labels 
This may all seem overwhelming, but NATM helps its members with this process. As a new manufacturer NATM can help provide you with the information you need to obtain your WMI and VIN as well as provide contact information for your state agency. 

Often considered the greatest benefit is the compilation of applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, industry regulations, and best practices which are included in NATM’s Guidelines. This resource is given to each member along with annual updates. 

Moreover, NATM compliance consultants visit member facilities every two years to ensure manufacturers have the processes in place to build trailers in accordance with these regulations. For more information about NATM’s Compliance Verification Program, click here.

Questions? Contact the Ecocampor Technical Team at t[email protected]

Buying A Trailer?

Whether you have already purchased a trailer or are consider buying one, your primary concern should be safety.

As a consumer, it is nearly impossible to fully understand the hundreds of safety-related regulations that trailer manufacturers are required by law to comply with which includes lights, trailer capacities, brakes, and much more. 

NATM has made it easier on consumers by creating the NATM Compliance Decal. Trailers featuring this decal are built by manufacturers who have verified compliance through the NATM Compliance Verification Program.

NATM has compiled the applicable federal regulations and industry best practices and every two years, NATM Compliance Consultants visit member facilities to ensure they have the manufacturing processes in place to build trailers in accordance with these standards. 

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