Best Camping Movies of All Time

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For some, camping isn’t complete without watching a good movie with friends and family. We feel the same way. So whether you’re in the mood for comedy, romance, horror or even a documentary, we’ve got you covered. Here are our best camping movies of all time.

The Long, Long Trailer (1954)

Nick and Tacy are newlyweds. Nick wants to save up for a house and Tacy wants a “home on wheels”. Together, they decide to buy a travel trailer and make it their honeymoon home. However, the newlyweds end up buying a trailer that they can barely handle. It’s over-sized, bulky, and ended up costing way more than they planned.

Off they go, the couple travels across the United States to Nick’s new assignment as a civil engineer. Along the way, their escapades make for a good comedy as they get themselves into increasingly ridiculous situations. They end up on a hilarious journey that could very well end up breaking their marriage. Will they make it?

This movie starred Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in the height of their careers. It ended up becoming the highest-grossing comedy film at that time.

National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)

This is another roadside comedy film that became a box-office hit. Chevy Chase is an ad executive who’s been dreaming of a road trip to Califonia. So he convinces his wife, and their kids to embark on a cross-country road trip headed for Walley World, a California theme park. 

The family hits the road west on their tank of a car, the Family Truckster. Although Chevy planned out the trip, it begins to go awry and everything that can go wrong goes wrong. Hilarity ensues.

National Lampoon’s Vacation is the first film in the comedy franchise, Vacation. The film is known for its screwball, crude humor and is rated R.

The Great Outdoors (1988)

You’ve probably noticed by now that we do like our family comedies, and here’s another one. Chet Ripley and his wife, Connie, along with their two boys, Buck and Ben, are headed for a nice, peaceful fishing vacation. However, nothing goes as planned when their obnoxious in-laws crash the family serene Wisconsin lakeside cabin.

The quiet cabin is quiet no more with the arrival of Connie’s brother-in-law, Roman Craig, his wife, Kate, and their twin daughters, Mara and Cara. It’s the outdoorsy Ripleys vs. the stuffy Craigs. How is this going to end?

The Great Outdoors is a family-friendly classic with one of the most epic man vs. bear fight scenes done on film. It was probably the most popular camping movie in its time.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

From lighthearted comedy, straight to hair-raising psychological horror film–The Blair Witch Project certainly disturbed enough people when it was released. It’s the story of three film students who went to a small town in Maryland to research and collect footage on a killer, thought to be a local legend. For several days, the three gather clues about the Blair Witch, roaming the woods for hints and interviewing local people.

The forest in Burkittsville is where many children vanished in the 1940s. To this day, people still warn against going too deep into it. The simple project goes awry when the student filmmakers get lost in the woods. They lose their map and the three started hearing horrific noises and seeing strange symbols and disturbing figures made of sticks, among others.

As part of its promotional campaign, The Blair Witch Project’s main stars were told to keep a low profile, advised not to show themselves in public, and were listed as “deceased” or “missing” up until the movie’s showing. They used a “found footage” technique that was so effective, people actually thought it was based on a true story. The mother of one of the main stars actually received letters of condolence.

RV (Runaway Vacation) (2006)

Back to a lighter note, RV is another road comedy film about a dysfunctional family with rebellious, reticent children and a materialistic wife. Worried about his family and due to an accident during a company event, Bob Munro chooses to take his family and road trip it to the Colorado Rockies aboard a garish, rented RV. 

They experience much of the challenges of the RV life that many RVers can actually relate to. Along the way, Bob and his family encounter several mishaps and meet many people from the RV community, not every one of which is that easy to get along with. Halfway into the movie, the Munros did actually eventually get to enjoy their vacation after meeting an equally interesting family.

The Kings of Summer (2013)

The Kings of Summer is a coming-of-age film about three teenage friends who decide to leave their families and live it up in the woods. They build a house in an isolated piece of land in the forest and proceed to declare themselves masters of their own destinies.

The boys live harmoniously on their own, hunting and gathering fruits. The movie also shows what’s happening in the “outside world” with two of the boys declared missing. Eventually, a love interest comes between the two. This ruins the peace in their unconventional life, leaving only one of them in their house in the woods. Will the three reconcile? 

Although recommended for the whole family, this movie is Rated R for inappropriate language and some teenage drinking.

Have you chosen what to watch tonight? Did we miss your favorite camping movie? Don’t fret! More movies coming up next week!

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