Best Travel Trailer Brands in 2019

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In today’s era of convenience and easy access to information, it’s not uncommon to have so many choices in our products—sometimes, even too many! That’s why we’re here to help you narrow them down by choosing among the best travel trailer brands.

With any purchase, going with trusted brands really help a lot in easing our minds. Especially when it comes to luxury products like travel trailers, you would, of course, want to get your money’s worth. It’s hard to be wrong with purchasing from the travel trailer brands that have been proven time and again. 

For us, these manufacturers are Airstream, Forest River Inc., Gulf Stream, Ecocampor, Heartland RV, and Starcraft RV. In the next section, we’ll tell you why.

The Top 10 Best Travel Trailer Brands in 2019

1. Airstream  

Airstream is a well-known brand that has already established a good reputation in RV and travel trailer manufacturing since the 1930s. That’s nearly a hundred years of history! Their trademark of gleaming silver aluminum trailers is highly recognizable.

Costly But Worthy

We recommend Airstream travel trailers because they are known for their iconic, clean-cut, high-quality units that have been proven to last a long time. Airstream has 9 travel trailer models available. Their starting price can start at $37,400 for the Airstream Basecamp and reach up to $157,400 for the Airstream Classic. These travel trailers may be worth a pretty penny but you will get your money’s worth. 

Our Recommendation

Our favorite model is the lightweight Airstream Sport Bambi Travel Trailer because it can be easily towed and compatible with just an SUV. It’s also a breeze to maneuver and can fit small campgrounds.



2. Forest River Inc.   

Since 1996, Forest River Inc. has given us award-winning RV’s and travel trailers of all kinds. We can say with confidence that Forest River is one of the best travel trailer brands out there in detail and durability.

King of Customization

Forest River Inc. has all kinds of travel trailers depending on travelers’ varying needs. The brand offers a whopping 36 different, highly-customizable travel trailer models.

Our Recommendation

We recommend giving the Forest River’s Flagstaff Micro-Lite trailer a test-drive. With its super flexible floor plans and towing compatibility with SUVs or minivans, you’ll be delighted with this lightweight model.



3. Gulf Stream Coach  

A brand that probably needs no introduction is Gulf Stream—a family-owned, Indiana-founded company that dates back to 1983. Some models are more popular than others, but if you choose the right one for you, it’s well worth the research.

Plenty of Options

More commonly known for their high-performance, cost-friendly RVs, Gulf Stream also has lots of travel trailers models that are as good and affordable. You can choose from lightweight travel and destination trailers, as well as heavier toy haulers and fifth wheels. 

Our Recommendation

You won’t go wrong with Gulf Stream’s Ameri-Lite. This popular model has 19 different floor plans, perfect for family holidays. They also have an array of options for the comforts and amenities you want on your trailer.



4.  Ecocampor   

Ecocampor is a premier caravan and travel trailer manufacturer from China that’s slowly rising among the top ranks of the RV world. Their company philosophy is “providing world-class quality products and customer-oriented service”.

Beauty and Strength

They may be new in the market compared to other brands on this list but Ecocampor is slowly making a name for itself in the international market.  Ecocampor travel trailers’ edge is in the clever infusion of classy and unique designs with a tough, off-road trailer that’s able to withstand extreme road conditions. 

Ecocampor luxury travel trailers are also equipped with all kinds of nifty conveniences to make your journey as comfortable as possible. And all these without breaking the bank!

Our Recommendation

Try out the Ecocampor Off-road Caravan EC-CA-01! As the name suggests, this little guy is light but sturdy. You can take your adventures on rough, unpaved roads without worrying about your rig. This way, you’ll still have your bit of luxury in the wilds.

5. Heartland Recreational Vehicles  

Another well-known and go-to brand is Heartland RV. While it’s true that they’re known for great-quality RVs, toy haulers and fifth wheels, they also offer quality travel trailers.

Choose Your Model

There are 9 to choose from—from lightweight trailers to larger, heavy-duty models. What we absolutely love about Heartland is their commitment to being as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

They also have good after-sales service. Every travel trailer has a warranty off the shelf and Heartland is usually quick to cater to any repairs needed.

Our Recommendation

You may have noticed a pattern by now, we love lightweight but sturdy travel trailers. Our favorite Heartland RV travel trailer is the Sundance. It’s small, light and easily towable and maneuverable. What more can you ask for?


6. Starcraft RV  

Starcraft RV has a 50-year history in this industry and they believe in a pure and simple camping experience. Their models are usually designed to be simple but hip and trendy. Starcraft RV undoubtedly ranks among the best travel trailer brands. 

Environment-friendly Production

There are two main things we like about Starcraft. One is their one-year manufacturer’s warranty and three years of structural warranty. Another is their ECO Advantage Program that aims to protect the planet by keeping production as green as possible through minimized use of our natural resources.

Our Recommendation

Don’t hesitate to give Starcraft travel trailers a try. We really like their Autumn Ridge travel trailer. It has flexible floor plans that can sleep 4 to 6. With no carpet and heat registers on the floor, this rig is also child- and pet-friendly. 


Is Your Favorite on Our List? 

What are the best travel trailer brands, in your opinion? Is there a manufacturer that you think should be included here? Let us know in the comments below and we will consider adding them to our list! (As long as they meet the criteria: Awesome travel trailer quality!)

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