A lot of people  camping almost like this

                                                                                    Camping on land, sleeping on land

                                                      When you sleep at night, you also can touch ants on the ground

                                                                                              OK, this is nature ~!

then, camping  like this is rarely  seen

camping with a  hammock and a tent. Isn’t it cool?


then this Double deck tent

enough for a big family to live together

but live in the lower layer, the smell  will not good,haha

Of course, there are also single hammock tents

Wow, camping like this must be  very fantastic

looking at the beautiful scenery

talking  with family and friends

 comfortable life is just beginning……


set up the tent on the beach

the moon light on the sea, the star shine on the sky

No more looking  at the stars From the 45 degree

you are Surrounded by stars

get in and get out the tent only by a step,the outdoor camping is coming~


this big tent that Several families can live together


in the daytime, we can move the top tent,enjoy the Wind and sunshine

can stand up when it rains,There is a big shelter in the middle keep from the rain

the several families can talking on the sky

It’s really fun that take children camping out together

After reading, I really want to find a place to stay

enjoy the sunshine

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