Does Your Campground Offer A Camping Trailer Rental To Guests?

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Are you looking to offer more amenities for your campground guests? Offering camping trailer rentals can help your campers have an easier and more convenient outdoor experience.

Not only can these trailers save your customers time on set up, tear-down, and storage, but by offering this service at your campground, you’ll be providing your guests with a unique value that’s not always found in other campgrounds. Read on to learn how adding a camping trailer rental option at your campground could give guests the opportunity to enjoy their stay even more!

Why More Campgrounds Are Offering Camper Trailer Rentals

Have you been noticing lately that many campgrounds are beginning to offer camper trailer rentals to customers? There are a few reasons this is becoming a popular option. Keep reading to discover why this is becoming a trend in camping.

One of the reasons behind this new trend is simply the overall increase in the popularity of RV camping and camper trailer travel. More people than ever want to try RVing to find new, more exciting, and comfortable ways to travel. Rental camper trailers offer a new travel adventure while still being convenient and comfortable. With rental camping trailers, campgrounds can attract a broader range of guests who might not have ever considered camping as an option.

Campgrounds are also seeking to make it easier for guests to have a hassle-free, enjoyable camping trip. By offering camper trailer rentals, your customers don’t have to worry about towing an RV or trailer to the campground and dealing with the work of setting up a campsite.

Besides just convenience, renting a camper trailer at the campground can be a more cost-effective option for your guests. Renting a trailer from a campground eliminates the need for customers to purchase and maintain their own camper, which makes it an attractive new option for those who only camp occasionally or are trying out the camping experience for the first time.

Camping trailer rentals also offer versatility for the campground. Campgrounds can provide different types of camper trailers, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits the customer’s party size, needs, and preferences. From small and cozy teardrop trailers and rugged off-road campers to more spacious family-friendly options, there’s often a rental available that will create an exciting camping experience for your guests.

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What Customers May Be Drawn To Rent Camper Trailers

Camping trailer rentals can be a convenient way for customers to enjoy the great outdoors without having to invest in their own trailer or go through the hassle of bringing their own. Surprisingly, it is estimated that about one-third of all campgrounds, both public and private, provide onsite RV rentals for visitors.

This can make your customer’s trip much smoother by having a ready-to-use trailer waiting for them upon arrival. Renting a trailer at the campground can elevate a guest’s vacation, providing a more comfortable and convenient camping experience.

As a campground that offers trailer rentals, you’ll be ensuring a memorable getaway by combining the conveniences of home with the serenity of nature. What customers could be a perfect match for camping trailer rentals?

Travelers That Want A More Private Alternative To Hotel Stays

Camper trailer rentals provide an excellent option for travelers who prefer a more private experience on their outdoor adventures or road trips. Unlike hotels, guests have the entire space to themselves, which often means less noise and more privacy. This is perfect for those who value their personal space and a quiet environment during their stay.

Vacationers That Are Looking For A Full Kitchen At A Cheaper Price Than Rental Homes

Renting a camper trailer can be an ideal choice for vacationers who want access to a full kitchen while on their trip. Camper trailers often come equipped with stovetops, refrigerators, and sinks, allowing guests to easily prepare their own meals. This not only provides convenience but can also save customers money compared to eating out or renting an entire home.

Families That Would Like To Try Out Camping

For a family who is new to camping or would like to try it out without committing to purchasing a camper trailer, renting one at your campground is an excellent option. This allows customers to experience the joys of camping, such as bonding with nature and spending quality time together, without the initial investment or maintenance of owning a camper trailer.

Working Travelers That Need A Quiet Space While Traveling

For working travelers who require a quiet space to focus on their tasks while on the go, camper trailer rentals can be the perfect solution. Many camper trailers now offer dedicated working spaces, Wi-Fi, and other amenities that cater to remote work. In addition, the seclusion found at campgrounds can help create a more focused atmosphere than many hotels and other accommodations.

Groups That Want To Enjoy Campfires And Outdoor Team Building

Camper trailer rentals can also be attractive for groups seeking to enhance their bonding experiences through outdoor activities such as campfires and team-building exercises. With a camper trailer, they have easy access to outdoor spaces, allowing for engaging experiences in nature that can promote stronger connections among group members.

Why Customers Choose To Stay In Camping Trailer Rentals

Enjoy Camping Without Ownership Responsibilities

One of the main reasons customers choose to stay in camping trailer rentals is the ability to enjoy camping without the burden of ownership. When renting a trailer, guests can take advantage of the benefits of recreational vehicles without the long-term commitment and associated costs (such as maintenance, insurance, and storage). This means they can fully immerse themselves in the camping experience without worrying about the responsibilities that come with owning an RV.

Experience RVing

Camping trailer rentals allow customers to experience the joy of RVing without having to invest in purchasing one. Renting small travel trailers gives them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the features and amenities of various recreational vehicles, making it easier for them to decide if owning an RV and camping is right for them in the future.

Try Out Different RVs Before Purchasing One

Another huge advantage of renting a camping trailer is the opportunity to try out different RV models before purchasing one. Guests can explore different RV brands, styles, sizes, and layouts to help find the right RV that meets their travel needs. By renting different types of RV trailers, they can feel more confident about what trailer would work best for their family.

Participate In Resort Activities Without The Hassle Of Setting Up A Campsite

Staying in a camping trailer rental offers customers the chance to enjoy campground resort activities without the work and time of setting up a campsite. This gives them more time and energy to just relax and enjoy the vacation. Rental guests can take part in the amenities, entertainment, and recreational activities while still having a complete camping experience.

Camping trailer on road with awning

Benefits Of Camper Trailer Rentals For Your Campground

Less Expensive Lodging Option To Purchase For Your Guests To Use

By offering camper trailer rentals at your campground, you can provide your guests with a cost-effective alternative to traditional lodging options. Fiberglass travel trailers come in a wide range of sizes, accommodating different budgets and guest preferences. These trailers have standard features such as air conditioning, bunk beds, and more, making them an attractive option for guests seeking a comfortable yet affordable vacation experience.

Units Arrive Fully Ready To Use To Add This Lodging Option To Your Property Quickly

Camper trailers are designed for easy and quick setup. When you choose to add this lodging option to your campground, the units will arrive fully-equipped direct from the manufacturer and ready for guests to use, saving you time and effort in preparation. This means you can get started offering these rentals to your guests as soon as possible, enhancing their experience and increasing your revenue potential.

Full Bathroom And Kitchen

One of the major benefits of camper trailer rentals is the convenience of having a full bathroom and kitchen at your guests’ disposal. This makes it easier for them to enjoy their stay without needing to rely on shared facilities or venture off-site for meals. Features like these not only make your guests’ stay more enjoyable but also make your campground more attractive to potential visitors.

Many Sleeping Arrangement Options To Fit Different Travelers

Different guests have different needs when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Camper trailers offer a variety of options, such as bunk beds for families, king or queen-size beds for couples, and convertible dinette spaces for larger groups. By offering a range of options, your campground can accommodate various types of travelers and help create a positive experience for everyone.

Remember, by adding camper trailer rentals to your campground, you can offer your guests comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective lodging options. This can help you attract a wider range of visitors while enhancing their overall experience, ensuring they’ll be eager to return for future vacations.

Features That Make Camping Trailers A Versatile Option For Your Customers

Offering camping trailers for rent at your campground can provide your guests with a comfortable camping experience. Keep reading to discover some of the top features found in rental camping trailers, which can help enhance the camping experience for your guests.

One of the best advantages of rental camping trailers is the private living space they offer and the extra storage space. There is plenty of living and sleeping spaces for the times when your guests prefer to be inside or when the weather is bad. There is also plenty of storage space for them to store their bags, food, and other trip supplies to stay organized can comfortable during the trip.

Besides having a full kitchen area inside the camper, most camping trailers come with an outdoor kitchen area, often featuring a two-burner stove, which can be a valuable feature for your guests who love cooking in the great outdoors. The RV refrigerator also allows campers to bring along their own food and eat outside while enjoying the campsite.

Camping trailers come in various designs, such as popular aluminum frame teardrop trailers or larger trailers with slides to cater to different size camping groups and the glamping preferences of your guests. Many trailers are lightweight campers with a lower dry weight, making them easy to tow into position and move around your campground with a variety of tow vehicles. This can be highly appealing to campground owners with a smaller tow vehicle.

On the inside, many camping trailers come equipped with convenient features such as USB ports, a dining area, an entertainment center, and air conditioners, providing your guests with an enjoyable glamping experience throughout their stay. These features and amenities can be essential during hot summer days or when charging electronic devices while camping.

Inside of camping trailer kitchen area

Possible Cons Of Offering Rental Trailers For Your Customers

Trailer Maintenance

Maintaining a fleet of small camping trailer rentals can be a significant expense for your campground. Regular trailer maintenance is essential for ensuring its safety and optimal performance for your customers. This may include:

  • Checking tire pressure, wear, and suspension
  • Verifying that all electrical systems, including the microwave oven and appliances, are in good working order
  • Cleaning RV waste tanks
  • Performing routine cleaning and sanitizing

Additionally, you may face unexpected repair costs if trailers are damaged during renters’ stays.

Renters Aren’t Familiar With How To Properly Use An RV

Some of your customers renting trailers may have little to no experience using an RV. This can lead to potential problems, including:

  • Not using adequate water in the black tank
  • Using too much toilet paper or causing tank clogs
  • Inadequate knowledge of how to use utilities and can end up blowing breakers
  • Not understanding when to put in the awning

To address this issue, you might need to provide your customers with detailed orientation and training materials, possibly increasing your overall workload.

Pay Close Attention To The Black Tank And Awnings Left Out

Two common issues faced by RV renters are mishandling the black tank and leaving awnings extended during harsh weather conditions.

The black tank requires proper care to avoid unpleasant odors and potential damage.

Inexperienced renters may not empty the tank correctly, resulting in unpleasant surprises for you or the next renter. You’ll need to include clear instructions on maintaining and emptying the black tank to avoid such problems.

RV awnings can be easily damaged if left out during strong winds or heavy rain. Renters may neglect to retract them before leaving the trailer, going to bed, or during inclement weather, leading to costly repairs or replacements. Be sure to educate your customers on proper awning use and maintenance to minimize damage risks.

Camping trailer by the lake with campers enjoying drinks

Glamping Is A Huge Trend!

Are You Considering Adding Camping Trailers To Take Advantage Of This Trend?

As glamping gains popularity, it’s a great opportunity for you to expand your campground offerings by adding camping trailer rentals. With small trailers, you can provide a comfortable and convenient stay for your guests in a beautiful place without compromising the natural surroundings.

You Can Market Your Campground As A Glamping Destination Highlighting Your Camping Trailers

By offering camping trailers, you can target those who are seeking a more luxurious or unique experience. As a glamping destination, your campground would appeal to those who want a taste of the outdoors without sacrificing amenities.

Offer Different Types Of Camping Trailers To Give Customers A Choice In Rental Campers

To provide a variety of options, consider adding various models of camping trailers to your inventory. From luxury options to budget-friendly choices, your guests can select the perfect trailer for their glamping getaway. A diverse range of outdoor gear can also be a great thing for a better camping experience, making each stay memorable and fun.

Showcase Interior Trailer Decor And Accessories Or Create A Decor Theme As Part Of The Glamping Experience

Beautiful interiors and thoughtful decor can elevate your guests’ glamping experience. Choose a theme for each trailer or add creative touches, like ambient lights and cozy furnishings. This will not only make your customers stay comfortable but also create a memorable and photo-worthy setting.

Deck Out Outdoor Rental Trailer Campsite Spaces With Party Lights And Other Accessories

Adorn the outdoor spaces of the rental trailers with party lights and other accessories. This can create an inviting ambiance and encourage your guests to spend time outside, enjoying nature.

Consider Selling Glamping-Themed Accessories In Your Gift Shop

Capitalizing on the glamping trend, you can expand your business by offering glamping-themed accessories and souvenirs in your gift shop. This can include items such as camping mugs, custom-made local products, and camping-themed artwork to remind guests of their memorable experience at your campground. This can be a great option for additional themed revenue.

Examples Of US Campgrounds Offering Glamping Rental Camping Trailers

In your research to provide the perfect glamping experience for your campground guests, you’ll be pleased to know that many US campgrounds offer camping trailer rentals to their guests. These camping trailers often come with various features, even off-road capabilities for aesthetics, which allow guests to try out different RV features during their glamping trip.

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for rental camping trailers to use at your campground, Outdoorsy is a great platform to find locations offering glamping rentals and even popular rugged off-road camping trailers for rent. These types of trailers typically have a more rugged design with reinforced exteriors, solar panels, a larger fresh water tank, and off-road tires to help navigate challenging terrain with ease.

Although off-road capabilities aren’t needed for stationary rental trailers in a campground, many guests would love to try out one of these more rugged options before buying one. They are extremely popular right now and many guests may be looking to go glamping in one of these rugged trailers.

When it comes to popularity, the most popular type of RVs to rent usually have features that provide a comfortable but also unique camping experience. Many campgrounds, like those affiliated with KOA, feature unique lodging options, such as Airstreams, teepees, Conestoga wagons, and yurts, which could be a great source of glamping inspiration for your campground. Most of these lodging options, even the more unique yurts, and wagons, still include amenities like a queen bed, air conditioner, and more to make the stay fun but still comfortable.

As you explore the different kinds of camping trailers available to offer for rent at your campground, it’s helpful to consider the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the trailer. This is important to note if you plan on towing the trailer with your own private vehicle into position at the campground or plan to relocate the trailer within the campground. Make sure to choose rental trailers that fit your campground vehicle’s towing capacity.

Ultimately, offering the perfect glamping rental camping trailer for your customer’s needs depends on comfort, quality, uniqueness, and adventure. Take time to research the various options available to purchase for your campground and enjoy the journey towards providing a truly unique and unforgettable glamping experience.

Off road camping trailer on street

Consider Ecocampor When Purchasing Your Camping Trailers

When considering what brand of campers to purchase as rentals, look for a high build quality option with many models to choose from. You need rental trailers that can handle the wear and tear of constant use while still being purchased at a reasonable price point.

To meet your customer’s needs, you will also want to offer a variety of rental options as well. A brand that offers quality camping trailers with plenty of options to meet your needs is Ecocampor.

Why Choose Ecocampor For Your Rental Camper Trailer Fleet

Ecocampor is a great choice for your rental trailer inventory. They have many quality models to choose from, including fiberglass off-road camping trailers for rough terrain, hybrid models, and off-road caravans. The variety of Ecocampor small camping trailers will suit any customer’s needs.

Experienced Skilled Manufacturing Process

Ecocampor was established in 2008 and has 15 years of production experience. Products go through several rounds of 100% testing prior to delivery to ensure product quality.

In fact, more than 75% of Ecocampor campers created over the course of nearly 15 years are still on the road today and ready for the next adventure.

Effective Order Handling System

Ecocampor’s modern 60,000 square meters factory, combined with an efficient order handling system, allows Ecocampor to produce over 50 quality units per month. They can meet your inventory requirements.

The Best Materials Produce The Best Products

Ecocampor is an ISO9001 Quality Certified Business. Only the best materials and the most innovative assembly techniques are used to create and assemble the products. They never cut corners. Your customers will appreciate the quality products from Ecocampor.

Cutout diagram of inside of camping trailer

What Camping Trailers Would Be Best To Offer As Rentals

A great model to use for your fleet of campground rental trailers is Ecocampor’s 22 Foot Off-Road Caravan. This model has a large interior with plenty of sleeping areas and living space for families.

As roomy as this trailer is for your guests, it’s also lightweight (6,129 pounds) and easy to tow to position in your campground. Its small footprint allows you to have more rental trailers within a smaller area.

This off-road camping trailer has the option to add a triple bunk which increases the sleeping capacity to 6 people. Or stick with the double bunk found in the base model for a sleeping capacity of up to 5 people. The dinette also folds into an extra space for sleeping.

The 3 in 1 oven includes a grill and electric cooktop. The 6.5 cubic foot refrigerator has plenty of food storage for your guests. There is also an outdoor slide-out kitchen for the ultimate glamping experience when hanging out outdoors.

The bathroom is a dry bath with a separate shower area which is more popular with customers for longer stays versus a wet bath option. There is also an external hot and cold water shower for campers to rinse off outside without tracking a mess into the camper.

Outdoor adventures glamping is easy with an electric awning that is the entire length of the trailer. There is also a waterproof stereo to enjoy music while cooking in the slide-out outdoor kitchen. The outside kitchen features 4 gas burners and a stainless steel sink for cooking convenience.

This camping trailer provides the versatility and quality needed to serve as a rental trailer for many different types of customers. It has all of the features your customers are looking for in a glamping experience and more!

Would You Consider Adding Camper Trailer Rental To Your Campground Offerings?

As a campground owner, you may be thinking about ways to increase revenue and improve the experience for your guests. One option to consider is adding camper trailer rentals to your offerings.

These lightweight campers can provide extra convenience and comfort for guests who don’t have their own RV or prefer more effortless camping experiences. Incorporating camper trailer rentals allows you to cater to various campers, from those who seek ease and convenience with a small camper to larger travel trailers for larger groups or those who want a more luxurious camping experience.

When selecting camper trailers to offer as rentals, consider features that will enhance your guests’ experience. For example, a dry bath can make the camping experience more convenient, while entertainment systems can provide added relaxation for guests.

Versatility is crucial in camper trailer selection. Trailers with improved ground clearance and independent suspension systems have an increased appeal with adventure seekers. Off-road trailers with features like all-terrain tires, a bike rack, or a rooftop tent may attract outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay in a rugged trim level trailer for a trip before they buy one.

They also have a cool factor to them that makes these rugged trailers more desirable to rent. At the same time, others might appreciate extras like a toy hauler with additional storage for outdoor gear.

As a campground owner, safety should not be overlooked when choosing camper trailers for your guests. Fire extinguishers and thorough safety inspections are important to ensure a secure experience for your renters. Electric brakes are essential for safety when you need to relocate the trailer, and a sleeping area with plenty of room can accommodate various party sizes.

Adding camper trailer rentals to your campground offerings can increase your revenue and improve your guests’ overall experience. By choosing trailers with a mix of convenient features, safety measures, and versatile capabilities, you can cater to many different camping styles while offering a comfortable and memorable stay.

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