Your Ultimate Guide to Ecocampor Truck Campers: Find the Perfect Fit!

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect truck camper for your dealership’s inventory, you’re in the right spot. We know your customers are looking for something special, and it’s all about matching their needs with the right camper. It’s not just about picking any camper; it’s about finding the one that feels like it was made for them.

Ecocampor offers a bunch of cool options, from cozy pop-ups to sturdy slide-ins, each packed with features that make camping a breeze. We’re here to help you sift through these choices with ease. Think about what your customers want most. Is it the thrill of off-road adventures, or are they after the comfort of a home on wheels?

Making the right selection involves not only understanding what each truck camper type brings to the table but also recognizing which features will resonate the most with your customers. Whether they’re looking for adventure-ready ruggedness or a home-away-from-home level of comfort, the selection process is crucial to ensuring a fit that matches both the truck’s specifications and the lifestyle demands of your customers.

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Why Choose Ecocampor For Your Truck Camper Inventory

For dealerships who prioritize quality and dependability in a truck camper, Ecocampor stands out as a top manufacturer. They offer a broad selection of truck camper models, addressing the diverse requirements and preferences of RV adventurers while still maintaining a reasonable price point.

  • High-Quality Materials: Ecocampor’s campers are built tough. They use high-grade fiberglass, solid aluminum frames, and sturdy honeycomb boards. This means you’re getting campers that aren’t just durable, but they’re going to last a long time.
  • Comfort-Oriented Design: Nobody likes a rough night’s sleep, especially when you’re out exploring. Ecocampor gets that, which is why their campers come with cozy spring mattresses, queen beds, and even sofa beds. It’s all about making sure you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.
  • Variety of Options: Whether it’s a duo on an adventure or a small family, Ecocampor has something for everyone. They offer different models with various sleeping setups, so finding the perfect fit for your customers is a breeze.
  • Adaptability for Adventures: For those who love going off the beaten path, these campers are a dream. They’re equipped for off-road features and can be decked out with extras like solar power to make off-grid living a little easier.
  • Innovative Approach: Staying on top of trends and incorporating new tech into their campers? That’s Ecocampor’s jam. They’re all about bringing the latest and greatest to the RV scene.

Choosing an Ecocampor truck camper means you’re not just buying a camper; you’re investing in over 15 years of off-road manufacturing expertise. They’re dedicated to quality and innovation, aiming to make every outdoor adventure unforgettable. So, it’s not just about selling a camper; it’s about offering your customers the freedom to explore comfortably and confidently.

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Types of Truck Campers

Ecocampor has a bunch of different truck camper models to fit all sorts of trucks, whether you’ve got a big beast or something more modest. And it’s not just about the size; they’ve got you covered whether you’re hitting the road solo, as a couple, or with your small crew. The best part? You can tweak and tune your camper to match exactly what you need.

Pop-Up Truck Campers

First up, we’ve got the pop-up truck campers. These guys are super cool because they’re light, which means they won’t gulp down your fuel as much, thanks to their slick design that cuts through the wind. When you’re on the move, they’re all tucked in, but once you hit your spot, they pop up to give you more room to stretch and breathe.

Inside, it’s like a tiny house on wheels with a cozy bed, a kitchenette to whip up some meals, and sometimes even a tiny bathroom. Feeling off-grid? Some models are ready to go solar.


  • Enhanced mobility and easier maneuverability compared to larger RVs such as a travel trailer or fifth wheel.
  • Can be removed, allowing your truck to be used for other purposes.
  • Provides a high level of comfort and amenities within a compact size.
  • Often includes a comfortable queen-size cabover bed, and expandability offers efficient use of interior space.


  • May offer less living space compared to larger RV models.
  • Can affect the handling and fuel efficiency of your truck.
  • Requires a truck with adequate payload capacity to safely carry the camper.

Ecocampor Adventurer Truck Camper Features And Benefits

Now, for a bit of spotlight on the Ecocampor Adventurer Truck Camper. This little gem is perfect for two or three adventurers looking to explore without lugging around a massive home-on-wheels. Here’s the skinny on it:

  • Compact Dimensions for Easy Handling
    • Length: 9.9 feet
    • Width: 7 feet
    • Height: 4.4 feet
    • Weight: 6,128 pounds
  • Sleeping Accommodations and Comfort
    • Spacious expanding roof canopy tent for a close-to-nature sleeping experience and flexible living space
    • A double bed with a spring mattress ensures restful sleep
    • The fold-out sofa bed adds an extra sleeping option or relaxing spot
  • Self-Sufficient Power
    • Equipped with two 100 Watt solar panels
    • Lithium battery for power storage
  • Robust Construction and Interior
    • Sturdy aluminum frame structure
    • LED lighting arrangement for visibility and ambiance
    • Multiple windows paired with an efficient ventilation system
    • Low profile, lightweight design for off-road use

Ecocampor Adventurer is like your reliable buddy for the outdoors – bringing a slice of home comfort wherever you park it.

Sturdy Hardshell Models

For enhanced durability and comfort features, a hard-sided truck camper might be a great fit for your customers who enjoy winter adventures. Constructed with solid fiberglass walls, these campers offer better insulation and protection against weather compared to their pop-up counterparts. 

Inside, it’s like stepping into a mini-house. You get a bigger kitchen (who doesn’t love that?), bathrooms that keep you dry, and loads of space to stash your gear. Yes, they’re a bit heavier and might make your truck guzzle more gas, but the comfort? Totally worth it. 


  • A hard-side truck camper provides enhanced insulation, which is excellent for those venturing into colder climates or desiring a camper for all seasons.
  • Expect a range of features and comforts in modern designs, including full-sized beds, kitchen amenities, and additional storage areas for necessities.
  • The sturdiness and available amenities often make these options feel more like a home away from home.


  • A more robust truck may be necessary due to the added weight of rigid campers, potentially impacting fuel economy.
  • Typically, the cost of rigid truck campers is higher.
  • While amenities are plentiful, a dry bathroom might not be an option, with wet baths being more common.

Ecocampor Fiberglass Truck Camper Features And Benefits

Now, if you’re eyeing a fiberglass truck camper, Ecocampor is the name you should remember. Their Fiberglass Truck Camper is a marvel – tough yet not too heavy, hitting that sweet spot of durability and comfort.

Strength and Longevity

That fiberglass shell isn’t just for looks. It makes the camper super sturdy and keeps its value better than the aluminum ones. Plus, it laughs in the face of bad weather.

Compatibility and Maneuverability

At a modest 1,433 pounds with an 11-foot length and 5.7-foot width, the camper fits comfortably on the bed of a truck for a variety of trucks, ensuring a secure journey. Examples of compatible trucks include a Nissan Np300, a Toyota Tacoma, or a Ford Ranger.

Interior Comfort

Inside, there’s a queen-size bed with a spring mattress waiting to hug you after a day of adventures.

Hassle-free Maintenance

A maintenance-free battery means less fuss for you and more time enjoying the outdoors.

Illumination and Energy Efficiency

Equipped with LED lighting, this camper delivers bright, energy-efficient illumination for your after-dark needs without draining your resources.

Superior Insulation

With R16 spray foam insulation in the walls and roof, it keeps the cold out and the cozy in, ensuring you’re comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Whether it’s for quick weekend escapes or epic cross-country journeys, the Ecocampor Fiberglass Truck Camper is designed for those who love adventure without compromising on comfort. It’s about making every trip memorable, with a reliable, cozy base to come back to.

Convenient Slide-In Campers

Slide-in campers are like a backpack for your truck, easily popping into the bed of your pickup. And when you’re not out adventuring? Just slide it out, and you’ve got your truck bed back for everyday use.

These little geniuses are surprisingly spacious inside, squeezing in a kitchenette, a cozy bed above the cab, and sometimes even a mini-bathroom. Plus, many brands let you tweak things here and there, making sure your slide-in camper fits your needs like a glove.


  • Compatibility and customizability with various truck bed lengths make these campers versatile and accessible.
  • Slide-ins fit snugly, often providing superior stability and driving confidence on the road.
  • Many interior comfort amenities for daily living.


  • Limited interior space may constrain living and storage areas compared to other camper types.
  • It’s crucial to match the camper floor length and weight with your truck’s payload capacity to ensure a safe and compatible fit. For example, some truck campers work with short-bed trucks while others only work with long-bed trucks.

Slide In Off-Road Truck Camper

Discover the charm and utility of the Ecocampor Slide In Off-Road Truck Camper, tailored for enthusiastic adventurers who pursue the thrill of off-road excursions without compromising on comfort.

Dimensions & Weight

You’ll find ample room with its 14.0 feet in length, 7.2 feet in width, and 7.1 feet in height, all while maintaining a manageable weight of 1,984 pounds. This balance of space and weight ensures the vehicle remains agile on uneven terrain.

Interior Comforts

After a day of adventure, relax in a spacious interior designed for three, complete with a queen-sized bed to rejuvenate you for the next day’s journey.

Durable Flooring

The floor, constructed from robust plastic honeycomb board layered with PVC, is not only durable but also simplifies cleaning and standing up well to mud or snow that may come in on boots or other outdoor toys.

Solar Power Integration

Outfitted with pre-installed solar panels to provide off-grid power independence. This peace of mind offers campers the power they need whenever and wherever.

Off-Road Prowess

With better fuel efficiency due to its construction, you can push farther into the wilderness. The truck faces less strain, which means more exploration with less hassle.

This off-road truck camper provides the perfect blend of toughness and luxury, designed to meet and exceed the demands of your adventurous customers exploring the great outdoors.

Spacious Flatbed Options

Now, for those with a flatbed truck and dreams of wide-open spaces inside their camper, the flatbed truck camper is your ticket to luxury on wheels. Forget about fitting into a standard truck bed; these campers offer a mansion’s worth of space (well, almost). It’s like having a portable studio apartment, ready for both the highways and the less-beaten paths.


  • These campers offer a spacious interior and increased storage, ideal for extended trips or those needing to bring along extra outdoor gear.
  • The open design of a flatbed truck allows for an expansive and customizable living area, enhancing comfort.
  • Suitable for a roomier living experience, they accommodate additional amenities and personalization.


  • Compatibility is restricted to flatbed trucks, potentially requiring an initial investment beyond just the camper itself.
  • Generally, flatbed campers are more costly, which is reflective of the larger space and the potential for luxury upgrades and features.

Ecocampor Long Bed Off-Road Truck Camper Features And Benefits

Discover the additional space and ruggedness of the Ecocampor Long Bed Off Road Truck Camper, tailored for enthusiastic adventurer customers who desire to take the trip off-grid while still having comfortable amenities.

Dimensions & Weight

You’ll find ample room with its 13.7 feet in length, 7.2 feet in width, and 6.6 feet in height, with a weight of 3,791 pounds. The off-road suspension is right for handling uneven terrain.

Interior Comforts

After a day of adventure, relax in a spacious interior designed for 2-4 campers, complete with a full-sized bed that slides up to the ceiling for additional daytime living space. 

Durable Construction

Ecocampor’s long-bed truck camper is built using sturdy high-density fiberglass and aluminum construction.

Solar Power Integration

Outfitted with pre-installed solar panels, campers can adventure off-grid while still being able to power appliances or devices wherever they roam.

Dry Bath and Full Kitchen

This model comes equipped with a full dry bath (separate shower) and a full kitchen. Adventures can now have the comforts of home along the journey.

This off-road truck camper will appeal to your most adventurous consumers who also would like a little more space than traditional truck camper models.

Expand Your Inventory with Ecocampor

Interested in broadening your dealership’s selection? Ecocampor invites you to join their dealership program. Your sales team will benefit from a diverse range of best truck campers, along with comprehensive dealer support. Reliable customer service is at the core of the partnership, ensuring that both your team and customers receive the best experience. For an easy start, simply fill out the dealership application today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider Ecocampor truck campers for my dealership inventory?

Ecocampor stands out for its high-quality materials, comfort-oriented design, variety of options, adaptability for adventures, and innovative approach. Their truck campers are built for durability, comfort, and the latest in RV technology, making them a great choice for dealerships prioritizing quality and dependability.

What types of truck campers does Ecocampor offer?

Ecocampor offers a wide range of truck camper models to suit various needs and preferences. Their lineup includes lightweight pop-up campers for easy maneuverability, sturdy hardshell models for enhanced durability, convenient slide-in campers, and spacious flatbed options for those needing extra space.

What makes the Ecocampor Fiberglass Truck Camper special?

The Ecocampor Fiberglass Truck Camper is known for its strength, longevity, compatibility with various trucks, interior comfort, and superior insulation. Its fiberglass shell ensures durability and resistance to bad weather, making it an excellent choice for adventurers.

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Final Words

Ecocampor truck campers offer an outstanding combination of quality, comfort, and versatility, making them a perfect addition to any dealership inventory. With options ranging from pop-up and hardshell models to slide-in and flatbed campers, there’s something for every type of adventurer. By choosing Ecocampor, dealerships not only get access to top-tier truck campers but also enjoy comprehensive support that ensures a successful partnership.

Whether your customers are seeking rugged off-road adventures or a cozy home away from home, Ecocampor’s range of truck campers promises to deliver unforgettable outdoor experiences. Expand your inventory with Ecocampor, and offer your customers the freedom to explore comfortably and confidently.

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