All family dogs share the traits of unconditional love and the desire to participate in life with their adopted human pack. They are part of the family and the RV lifestyle requires you to consider all the family members including the fur children when making travel decisions. So you pull out of your driveway for that first RV adventure with your canine companion with visions of warm snuggles, quiet restful nights, and playful days. You set up camp and settle in only to discover your four legged child is not as excited about this new activity as you thought. How can you prepare for your trips with Rover including the possibility that camping may not be their favorite way to spend their time? With some forethought and planning your little fur ball can continue to be the blissful creature that you know and love.

We have two dogs, Vinny an Italian Greyhound, and Oscar a Boston Terrier. Let’s just say they differ on their idea of lodging amenities and activities. Apparently Vinny’s parents failed to tell him he was a dog, so everyday dog things like walking on wet grass or laying on the bare floor in the house are beneath his comfort standards. Oscar on the other hand enjoys running through bushes and eating bugs, he holds full dog status. These differences should have clued us to consider these personality traits prior to our first RV camping trip with the dog family, but alas we assumed they are dogs so being in the great outdoors would be perfect right? Within the first hour of camp we realized that camping may not be Vinny’s favorite past time and that Oscar must have thought he arrived in dog heaven.  It was wet, cold, and of course we were in a sea of unfamiliar


homes on wheels with other families and dogs. If we had thought through that prior to our trip we would have easily concluded our sweet Italian would much prefer a dog sitter at home or the local pet palace. Our Boston on the other hand had so much fun he can hardly contain his excitement when he sees us preparing the Ecocampor Hummingbird for our next adventure.

A few tips before your first RV trip with Fido:

  • Know the breed and likes and dislikes
  • Remember the first RV trip for you is also the first for them
  • Change as little as possible with their diet and sleeping arrangements
  • Give them time to acclimate to their new surroundings
  • Keep your dog on a leash and under control, remember their instinct is to flight or fight when scared
  • Spend time with your dog, they came just to be with you!


The crisp clear night, warm campfire, and family time can be complete with all of your family members including the family dog. That perpetually happy companion can enjoy the adventure just as much as his human caretakers if you consider his needs in advance. If it is his first time camping, remember he needs your attention even more to feel safe and enjoy the RV as much as the rest of the pack. Chances are Spot will be eagerly awaiting each journey to spend time with his human family no matter where the road takes all of you.

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