RV travel has gone far beyond the definition of travel

                                          And become a way of life!

                                         go to travel with a caravan

                                  Gallop on the boundless highway,

                               The vast world allows you to roam;

                           Stand in the wild forest far from the city,

                         Chat in the silence of the lakeside bonfire,

                      Enjoy the freshness and tranquility surrounded by nature


                  When you line up at crowded airports, railway stations, highways,

                                           I’m having a nice coffee,

                                            enjoy our happy time



                         When you’re watching the crowd move across the world

                        I have  been far from the city to the mountains and forests,

                              Enjoy the freshness and tranquility of nature.


                      When you sit in a narrow seat and can’t stretch your body,

                                       I’ve been sleeping on a soft bed,

                           Listening to the music and nibbling at the apple


                       When you want to cry, no time to advance or retreat

                            I have traveled between mountains and rivers,

                                   Feel the wonders of nature.


                  When you want to take pictures, but just a huge crowds of people

                                                  I’ve got my camera

                               The waters and skies merge in one colour


          When you are hungry, complain that food is too expensive in the scenic area,

                                  I have already made delicious meals

                                 enjoy the movie and delicious food


                      When you are in a long queue, waiting for the toilet

                                     I’ve been sitting on the toilet,

                                       surfing for the internet


                         While you’re struggling to find accommodation and hotels

                                          I have already go to bed

                               Looking up at the boundless starry sky.


                  When you search for the next destination, if the ticket is still available?

                            I have already drive with my caravan to go there

                                      Start another trip




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