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Hello Guys, This is Ivy and Emma from Ecocampor. Would you like to go camper park with your family on weekend day or want to have a city trip with your friends? One friend told me that he pursue a suitable on road caravan for 3 people . I think slide out caravan is a best try.Slide out caravan is the perfect on road caravan if you are after ample of space. Today I will show you a 19ft slide out caravan from Ecocampor. With Sandwich structure, the body is made of one piece Fiber glass , with the XPS foam and aluminum frame in between , there is no way of the water leakage into the caravan. It can also decorated with black checker plate protection as well as 2 axles with leaf spring suspension. Provide you with the Hot-Dip Galvanized chassis, 16 inch alloy wheel, you can enjoy a smooth ride! Let’s explore other feature of this 19ft slide out caravan. We have more than that. FIRST, a extended A-frame caravan has a large aluminum toolbox, you can store a fridge with a fridge slide.Then. We can see it has a tunnel with lock, so long as it is , we can hide some fishing rod here or we can make it into a slide out kitchen , in that way we can ,bring cool food from a external fridge under an electric and manual combo awning.,and enjoy an afternoon tea cooked with the stoves. As I walk in, we can see our floor. It is made of honeycomb panel and PVC which make the floor Waterproof and durable.After coming in, what come into view is a big double bed with spring mattress.So soft and comfortable that you can relieve you of tiredness during the trip.There are many humanized design around our bedside. Kinds of small cupboards, USB charge near the bed,big windows on sides,a big storage under the bed,which can extend the stored space as well. Now we will come to the living room part. The looks so narrow but it will have a big walkway.The sofa is attached to the outer caravan wall with #10 pan head screws.It is equipped with a motor and two drive gears. It will slide out slowly as I press the electric control all along. What we choose is a Fabric sofa, it is comfortable enough and it can suitable for 6 people. What make we feel wonderful is that it can be a kid bed. We will provide you with a lifting table then we can adjust the height to fit the same level with the sofa , then a kid bed is being taking shape. Go with a good-sized central kitchen, a modern design benchtop with a stainless steel water sink and a 4 head gas stoves,the kitchen decorated with a 152L fridge and a microwave, provide you with a wonderful cooking show. Besides that, we will have a bathroom. You will have a Theford electric toilet with a black water tank, and a big storage for the washing machine,which can make our caravan really like our home. We don’t need to wash our face in the dirty kitchen but here you will have a washing basin in front of a beautiful electric light mirror. Go with a separated shower room equipped with a 14 liter water system can let you take a soft bath when you come back with a dirty body. That is all the introduction of our 19ft slide out caravan. We provide different color for external and internal , all kinds of options and layouts for choosing as well. I think you can be living in in a luxury, fully equipped kitchen, large shower , toilet and washing machine caravan . So don’t miss the chance and contact us !Thanks.******************************************************************** If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: OUR ********************************************************************#Rv​​​ #Camper​​​ #trailer​ #rv,rving,offroad rv,offroad trailer, rv camping,rv living full time,ecocampor,rv life,rv travel,caravaning,caravan

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