The 15ft hybrid pop up Camper Caravan without ever compromising on luxury or relaxation

In this day and age, everyone wants to travel, and it’s important to have a vehicle that allows you to do so. This 15ft hybrid pop-top offroad camper is a compact and lightweight luxury caravan that features 4 berths to allow space for up to 4 people. This makes it the perfect choice if you’re looking to travel with family and friends, or even just by yourself with the choice of inviting others. This hybrid luxury camper has everything one could possibly need and features many amenities including: 1.A full kitchen 2.Cabinet space 3.A spacious bathroom 4.A dining area 5.4 berths 6.22-inch TVPlenty of Space This hybrid pop-top offroad camper is beautifully crafted, allowing for plenty of space, even at full capacity. It’s almost like being at home. There’s a dining area that includes a table and a booth. This camper also features a full-sized kitchen. There’s a stovetop, kitchen sink, and lots of storage compartment throughout the caravan. This luxury camper comes with a pull-out awning to provide shade and protect from the rain while sitting outside the caravan. Don’t forget about the 4 berths included allowing up to 4 people to sleep inside the camper or creating more space for fewer people if that’s what you prefer. Utilities In this luxury caravan, there’s a hot water system, allowing the use of hot water in both the shower and the sink. This camper comes with an 80L grey water tank. There’s also an air conditioning unit and a roof-mounted solar panel to assist with the use of electricity while traveling. This may come in handy with that 22-inch TV that comes inside this luxury camper for entertainment. This luxury camper also comes with a gas and electrical certificate, meaning that all the gas and electrical appliances in the camper have been checked by an official engineer specializing in gas and electric. Bathroom The bathroom in this hybrid pop-top offroad camper is more spacious than most. There’s a fully enclosed annex and shower tent to provide the luxury of privacy and space while in the comfort of the camper. The shower runs hot water and the camper also features a toilet. The toilet is in the back of the camper, hidden behind a beautiful barn-like door to maintain the classy appearance of the rest of the caravan. Emergencies Another luxury of this camper is that it comes with a double spare wheel, just in case you pop a tire on the way. This is particularly useful because this luxury camper is meant to be off-road, meaning that it can be driven through the grass. The solar panels also become a nice addition in case there was an emergency. The camper does come with a 1500w inverter and battery charger to run the appliances within the camper and comes with 2 120AH batteries for backup power. However, solar panels are incredibly useful when it comes to saving power or if for whatever reason the power were to go out.Thanks.******************************************************************** If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: OUR ********************************************************************#Caravan #Camper #camping trailers #rv trailer camper trailer living,mini camper trailers,camper trailers,cheap travel trailer,camper trailer 2021,rv trailer,campervan,rv,camping,off road camping,ecocampor trailer,rv living,new to caravanning,

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