The most rugged 21ft offroad caravan I have ever seen (2021)

Take a new look at the off road caravan and join us for a detailed walkthrough of this durable and ecocampor off-road trailer that can go anywhere you can imagine!For more details visit:​ Usually pictures of trailers and RVs make them look way better than they are in person. The Ecocampor may look good in the pictures, but in person is where they really shine and can be appreciated.Let's go over some of the features on the off road caravan.We absolutely love the windows! The off road caravan has large windows on each side of the bed and two windows in the kitchen. It allows for plenty of air flow and natural light. Each window has several latches. You can secure the door closed or in a slightly cracked opened position allowing very little air to enter. The window can be pushed out and left open at three different angles.The mattress is an RV queen. This means it's the same width as a queen but 2 inches shorter. Regular queen bedding will fit just fine. The bed is surrounded with storage compartments. Many people ask if the bed can be lifted up or fold like many traditional RVs or travel trailers. In the Ecocampor, and every Ecocampor Series model for that matter, the bed is in a fixed position and cannot move. This is because the outdoor kitchen slides underneath the bed. You can see in the above picture the black box under the blanket. This is the furnace exit point. To the right there is a medium sized compartment. We love to keep the dirty camp items here like boots and shoes.The three burner stove is beautifully housed under a foldable countertop. Perfect for cooking inside when the weather doesn't permit for outside chefery.Under the sink is home to the triple water filtration system. This water comes from the separate clean drinking water tank that we pointed out in the Ecocampor walkthrough.New to the 2021 model is the bypass option for these filters. This makes winterizing the trailer much quicker and easier.Speaking of batteries, here we have the four 100 amp hour gel batteries. This is new to the 2021 Ecocampor. Previously they had only two batteries. These lie under the second bench. You'll see on top the red switch. This is to cut off power to the unit to avoid energy draws when your caravan is in storage. If you would like to upgrade to lithium batteries we have found Battle Born to be some of the best.Subscribe, Like and leave comments if there is anything you would like to see in future videos.Thanks for Watching! ******************************************************************** If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE:​​​... OUR ********************************************************************​​ #Rv​​​ #Camper​​​ #trailer​ #offroad​​​ slide out rv,rving,offroad rv,offroad trailer

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