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How To Choose The Best Small Camping Trailer

Family camping in small hybrid pop-up camping trailer

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Looking for the best small camping trailer for your outdoor adventures? Read on to find out how to choose the best camper to meet your needs!

Searching For A Small Camping Trailer Doesn’t Need To Be Overwhelming

Choosing the best small camping trailer can seem like an overwhelming task, given the wide variety of options available in the market. With a little research and understanding of your needs, you can find the right trailer to make your camping adventures comfortable and memorable. Small camping trailers offer a unique combination of mobility, affordability, and convenience, making them an ideal choice for those who value the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Before purchasing a small camping trailer, it’s essential to understand the various types and features available, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. It’s helpful to consider not only the cost but also the quality, durability, and specifications of the trailer. By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to find the best small camping trailer that suits your specific needs and lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand different types of small camping trailers and their features
  • Consider quality, durability, and technical specifications when making a decision
  • Evaluate trailers based on affordability, storage, and comfort for your camping adventures.

Understanding Small Camping Trailers

When it comes to staying the night in the great outdoors, having the right small camping trailer can really enhance your overall experience. Choosing the perfect option for you depends on various factors, from your personal preferences to the type of adventures you plan to go on.

Small camping trailers offer a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the amenities that make your journey enjoyable. These compact travel trailers are designed for easy towing, often compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including smaller SUVs and crossovers. They allow you to travel and explore with ease, providing you with a cozy space to sleep, cook, and relax after a day of outdoor adventure.

As you begin your search for the ideal small travel trailer, consider your specific needs and preferences. Think about the size and layout of the trailer, as well as the features it offers. Some models prioritize sleeping accommodations, while others focus on living areas, bathrooms, and cooking spaces. Remember that your choice should align with your camping style and the kind of outdoor activities you plan to enjoy.

Another key aspect to consider is the build quality and durability of the travel trailer. You’ll want a sturdy, reliable option that can withstand the demands of the great outdoors, especially if you plan to embark on more rugged or off-the-beaten-path adventures. Investigate different brands and their reputations for quality and reliability, including off-road capabilities, before making your decision.

In addition, you should consider the cost and ease of maintenance of your small camping trailer. Some models are more affordable upfront but may require more frequent maintenance, while others may have higher initial costs but offer longer-lasting durability and easier upkeep. Consider your budget and long-term plans to determine the right balance between cost and features for your outdoor adventures.

Small Toyhauler camper with family in woods

Pros And Cons Of Small Camping Trailers

When considering a small camping trailer for your next adventure, it’s helpful to weigh the pros and cons to help you decide if a small travel trailer is the right choice for you.


  • Towability: Small camping trailers are typically lightweight, often making it possible to tow with your current vehicle. This is a huge savings if you don’t need to invest in a larger tow vehicle.
  • Maneuverability: Smaller trailers are easier to navigate through tight spaces, park, and back up. This can be especially helpful in crowded campgrounds when venturing off the beaten path or for those new to towing.
  • Fuel efficiency: With their lightweight design, small campers typically offer better fuel efficiency than towing larger travel trailers or fifth-wheel RVs. This means you’ll save money on gas during your trips.
  • Affordability: Smaller trailers often come at a lower price point than larger models. Additionally, their smaller size may allow you to save on maintenance and storage costs.


  • Limited space: One of the most apparent downsides to a small camping trailer is the limited interior space. This can make it difficult to pack all of your belongings and comfortably fit everyone for longer trips.
  • Fewer amenities: Due to their size, small trailers may not have all the standard features found in larger trailers, such as full kitchens or bathrooms. This could mean sacrificing some comforts during your camping excursions.
  • Lower weight capacity: The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) for small trailers is generally lower than that of larger models. This means you’ll need to be mindful of how much weight you’re adding to your trailer, including gear and cargo.
  • Potential for less durability: Some lightweight travel trailers utilize lighter materials for construction. This can result in a less durable build compared to heavier models. A tip for increased durability is to choose an off-road camping trailer.

In conclusion, small camping trailers can be a great option for those who value towability, maneuverability, and affordability. However, be prepared for potential trade-offs in space, amenities, weight capacity, and possibly durability. By carefully considering these pros and cons, you can determine if a small camping trailer is right for you and your adventures in the great outdoors.

Types Of Small Camping Trailers

When choosing a small camping trailer, consider the different types available. Each type has its advantages and is best for a certain camping style. Keep reading to find your best match.

Pop-Up Small Camping Trailers 

Pop-up small camping trailers are compact when closed but can expand to create more space when camping. They are lightweight and often lower in price compared to other trailer types. They are ideal for beginners and those who prefer a simple, budget-friendly camping experience.

Teardrop Campers

Teardrop campers are another popular choice due to their small size and aerodynamic design. These tiny travel trailers have a unique, popular, rounded shape that gives them a modern look. 

They are lightweight campers that can easily be towed by smaller vehicles. Teardrop trailers often come with basic amenities such as a bed and a small outdoor kitchenette, making them perfect for shorter trips and weekend getaways.

Hybrid Trailers

Hybrid trailers combine the best of both worlds. They have solid walls like a traditional travel trailer and expandable sections similar to a pop-up trailer. This gives you more living space and privacy while still being compact and easier to tow.

These trailers provide additional living space while still maintaining the small camper benefits of being easy to tow and smaller to store.

Small Toy Hauler Campers 

Small toy hauler campers are a versatile option that allows you to bring along your favorite outdoor recreational toys like ATVs, dirt bikes, or larger cargo like kayaks. These trailers have a dedicated storage area, which can also be converted into additional living space or sleeping areas when not in use.

Off-Road Camping Trailers

Off-road camping trailers are specifically designed for rugged adventures. They have higher ground clearance and more durable construction to handle rough terrain. These small camper RVs often have off-road tires and reinforced components, including off-road suspension, to withstand the challenges of off-grid camping.

By understanding the different types of small camping trailers, you can choose the perfect one for your needs and camping style.

Toy hauler small camping trailer with awning and ramp

Identifying Key Features To Look For In A Small Camping Trailer

When choosing the best small camping trailer, it’s essential to look for key features that will enhance your camping experience. In this section, we’ll discuss several important amenities in a small camping trailer you should look for.

Lightweight and compact trailers are easier to tow and maneuver, making your trips more enjoyable. Take note of the trailer’s length and height, as these dimensions can affect your ability to drive and park comfortably. 

You want to find a camping trailer that strikes a balance between size and convenience. Also, verify the weight of the camper works with the towing capacity of your tow vehicle.

Comfort is important in your camper, and finding adequate sleeping and living space is key. A quality sleeping area with room for everyone on the trip is important for a great night’s sleep after a day of adventures. 

The living space should provide enough storage for your essentials. Remember to keep your camping style in mind, as it will help you determine the right balance of storage and living areas.

The kitchen or kitchenette is an integral part of a camping trailer, as it allows you to prepare meals and save money while on the road. Look for a trailer with a functional sink, counter space, and basic cooking appliances like a two-burner stove to meet your needs. 

Outdoor kitchens are an increasingly popular feature. The right kitchen setup will allow you to cook with ease, even in smaller spaces.

Bathroom options in small camping trailers can range from wet baths (combined toilet and shower space) to full baths with a separate shower. Determine which option would work best for your needs, and choose a trailer with an appropriately sized bathroom for your comfort. 

Windows are another feature to consider, as they can provide natural light and ventilation, enhancing the overall ambiance of the trailer. Air conditioning plays a crucial role in your comfort during warmer months, so ensure the camping trailer you choose has an efficient air conditioning system. 

Some trailers come with slide-outs, which can increase living and sleeping spaces. While these features may add some weight to your trailer, they are worth considering if you prioritize spaciousness and flexibility.

By carefully considering your priorities and preferences, you can confidently choose the perfect trailer to enhance your camping adventures.

Deciphering Technical Specifications

When choosing the best small camping trailer, it’s important to understand the technical specifications. This will help you make an informed decision based on vehicle towing capacity, weight, and other essential factors.

First, consider the towing capacity of your vehicle. This is the maximum weight your vehicle can safely tow and should be found in the owner’s manual. 

Make sure the small camper you’re considering is within this range. Never come close to maxing out the towing capacity. It’s always better to have lots of wiggle room here for safety and for towing on inclines or in the mountains.

Trailers such as teardrop campers and pop-up campers are often compatible with mid-size SUVs and some small cars, while larger trailers may require a more powerful vehicle.

Next, pay attention to the dry weight of the trailer. This refers to the weight of the camper when it’s not loaded with personal belongings, water, and propane. 

Dry weight is an important detail as it allows you to estimate the additional weight you’ll be carrying and ensure it falls within your vehicle’s towing capacity. Some smaller camping trailers, like teardrop campers, are built with lightweight aluminum frames, making them especially easy to tow.

Hitch weight, also known as tongue weight, is another essential specification to consider. It refers to the weight exerted on the vehicle’s hitch when the trailer is attached. Make sure your vehicle’s hitch can support the small camper’s hitch weight to avoid potential issues while towing.

Lastly, consider additional features that meet your specific needs. For example, a hybrid camper model with a pop-up roof can provide additional ventilation and headroom, while a collapsable roof also offers more compact storage when you aren’t using the camper. Water tank and propane tank capacities should also be taken into account, ensuring you have enough resources for your trips if you plan to spend time boondocking or dry camping.

By analyzing these technical specifications, you can confidently choose a small camping trailer that best suits your needs and is compatible with your vehicle. Remember that the information provided here is for informational purposes only, and you should always consult the vehicle and trailer manuals for the most accurate information specific to your setup. 

Family camping with awning out in small camper

Assessing Quality and Durability

When selecting the best small camping trailer for your adventures, evaluate both its quality and durability. These factors will ensure that your investment is reliable and long-lasting, allowing you to focus on enjoying your outdoor experiences.

First, consider the trailer’s construction materials. High-quality materials such as aluminum or fiberglass will provide more strength and protection against harsh weather conditions while simultaneously keeping the weight low for easier towing. Additionally, sturdy materials mean less maintenance and a longer lifespan for your trailer.

Next, pay attention to the craftsmanship of the camping trailer. Look for evidence of solid construction, such as strong welds, secure fasteners, and proper alignment between parts. Examine the cabinetry, doors, windows, and other fixtures to ensure they are sturdy and well-made. This attention to detail will contribute significantly to the trailer’s overall durability.

Another factor to consider is the reputation of the trailers’ brands. Research and compare different best small travel trailers to find manufacturers with a history of reliability and customer satisfaction. Read user reviews, testimonials, and industry reports to gather insights on any potential challenges or recurring issues with specific models.

Lastly, keep in mind that the most suitable small camping trailer for you might vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. Some trailers prioritize off-road capabilities for more challenging adventures, while others focus on maximizing living space for a comfortable camping experience. Establish your priorities to guide your decision-making process as you assess the quality and durability of various small camping trailers to provide a memorable, worry-free adventure.

Evaluating Cost and Affordability

When choosing the best small camping trailer, consider the cost and find an option that is both affordable and high quality to meet your needs. To find a budget-friendly option, you should set a specific price range in mind before starting your search. This will help you narrow down your options and ensure you’re focusing on trailers within your budget.

Affordable small camper trailers can range from as low as $12,000 up to $46,000 or more. Keep in mind that the price tag of a trailer often reflects the living space, extra features, and quality of the construction. It’s essential to balance your desire for additional amenities with your budget, as some optional features, such as solar panels can increase the cost significantly.

While assessing different recreational vehicles, also consider the ongoing costs of ownership, such as maintenance, insurance, and storage space fees. Some small trailers can be stored in your driveway, which eliminates the need for additional storage expenses, making them a more budget-friendly option in the long run than, say, owning a larger fifth wheel.

When looking at the best value for your money, think about how well a small trailer meets your specific needs. Pay attention to the living space and evaluate if it’s adequate for you and your travel companions. Aside from sleeping arrangements, also consider cooking facilities, bathroom amenities, and storage space within the trailer.

Lastly, don’t forget about financing options. Many dealerships offer financing for qualified buyers, allowing you to bypass the initial upfront cost. Be prepared to negotiate and shop around for competitive financing rates.

By carefully evaluating the cost and affordability of different small camper trailers, you can make an informed decision that suits both your budget and lifestyle needs.

Inside of small camping trailer

Maximizing Storage and Space

When choosing the best small camping trailer, it’s important to consider how to maximize storage and space. This will allow you to make the most of your limited square footage, ensuring a comfortable camping experience.

First, think about the layout of your camping trailer. Opt for a design that provides ample storage space, such as overhead cabinets, under-bed storage, and built-in closets. Some tiny trailers excel in storage capabilities due to their innovative designs, making them an excellent choice.

The kitchenette area should be designed with efficiency in mind. Look for a compact arrangement that maximizes counter space, allowing you to prepare meals with ease. Additionally, consider installing space-saving appliances like a combination microwave and convection oven or a compact refrigerator under the counter.

For the living space, choose convertible furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a dining area that converts into a sleeping area. This way, you can effortlessly transition between daytime activities and evening without compromising on space. 

When selecting a sleeping area, keep in mind the size of the mattress. A double-size mattress provides sufficient space for a couple while occupying a minimal footprint in the trailer.

Lastly, if your camping trailer has a garage or any exterior storage compartments, use them to store bulky items like camping chairs, bicycles, or outdoor equipment. This will free up valuable space inside the trailer and make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Assessing Comfort and Convenience

When you are choosing the best small camping trailer, it’s essential to consider both comfort and convenience. This will ensure that your camping experience is stress-free with all the comforts of home.

Firstly, examine the sleeping arrangements in the trailer. Smaller trailers can have creative sleeping solutions, such as convertible dinettes or fold-down beds. Ensure that the sleeping area is comfortable and provides enough space for you and your camping crew. 

Bathrooms are another important aspect to consider. Some small camping trailers come with indoor wet or dry bathrooms, including a shower, toilet, and sink. 

Many of the smallest trailers have an indoor toilet and an outdoor shower for rinsing off after adventures. This can make a significant difference in your overall comfort when camping. However, if the trailer doesn’t have a built-in bathroom, see if it can be easily adapted to accommodate portable sanitation solutions.

Air conditioning and heating systems are also worth considering. Ensure that the trailer has an adequate climate control system to keep you comfortable during both hot and cold weather conditions. This will allow you to enjoy your camping trip, no matter the season.

Understanding Safety and Customer Service

When choosing the best small camping trailer, it’s essential to prioritize safety and customer service. By focusing on these aspects, you will have a more enjoyable camping experience.

Ensure the trailer you choose has been designed with robust materials and is well-constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Look for additional safety features such as anti-sway devices, electric brakes, and secure hitch attachments. 

Be sure to also inspect the trailer’s wiring and lighting, as these components play a critical role in your visibility while towing.

Aside from these physical safety features, it’s important to know the trailer’s weight and its compatibility with your tow vehicle. Check your vehicle’s towing capacity to ensure it can handle the trailer you’re considering, which helps prevent accidents caused by overloading. Overloading a trailer or towing with a vehicle that doesn’t have the proper towing capacity is very dangerous out on the road.

Customer service is another key aspect to consider. Before purchasing a small camping trailer, research the manufacturer’s reputation. Look for reviews from previous buyers and focus on their experiences with customer support. A company that consistently provides excellent customer service should be able to address your concerns or provide assistance during your camping experience.

Inside of small camping trailer with pop up roof and bunk

Considering Your Lifestyle and Adventures

When choosing the best small camping trailer, it’s essential to consider your lifestyle and the types of outdoor adventures you plan to embark on. Think about how you like to travel and explore, whether you typically stay in campgrounds or venture off the beaten path for overlanding adventures. Keep in mind that some mini campers are better suited for rough terrain, while others are perfect for small cars or first-time campers.

Take into account how you plan to use the living area in your camping trailer. If you frequently enjoy toy hauler activities, such as bringing along dirt bikes or ATVs, look for smaller models with extra storage and hauling capacity. 

For more leisurely campground stays, you may prefer a small camping trailer with comfortable amenities like a cozy sleeping space, a basic kitchen, or even an outdoor kitchen for al fresco meals.

Those who are new to camping might find a pop-up trailer or tent camper more approachable. These compact options provide a great way to transition from traditional tent camping to the convenience of a camping trailer. As your confidence and experience grow, you can always upgrade to a larger model with more features.

Why Consider Choosing Ecocampor For Your Small Camping Trailer

As an off-road small camping trailer specialist, Ecocampor has been manufacturing high-quality trailers for over a decade. They are known for their custom options and innovative features that enhance your camping experience.

One notable aspect of Ecocampor’s small camping trailers is the availability of unique custom options. This allows you to customize your trailer according to your preferences and requirements, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip. 

Additionally, Ecocampor offers hybrid models that provide more space within a smaller footprint, making their trailers easy to maneuver and park in tight spaces.

Ecocampor’s manufacturing facility is equipped with the most up-to-date production technology, ensuring efficient and high-quality production of their camping trailers. The company’s extensive quality control process ensures that each stage of manufacturing meets the highest standards. This attention to detail results in a reliable, durable, and long-lasting camping trailer that you can trust for years to come.

In terms of pricing, Ecocampor offers reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. By choosing Ecocampor for your small camping trailer, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality, dependable product without breaking the bank. The company’s dedication to producing quality trailers at competitive prices sets them apart in the market.

When looking for the perfect small camping trailer, consider Ecocampor for its quality, customization options, and outstanding reputation. With their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be confident in your decision to purchase an Ecocampor small camping trailer for your next outdoor adventure.

Ecocampor Teardrop Camper Trailer Benefits And Features

When you’re looking for the perfect small camping trailer, the Ecocampor Teardrop Trailer is an excellent option to consider. With its highest-quality teardrop design, it offers several benefits and features that set it apart from other trailers on the market.

One of the most notable features of this teardrop camper trailer is its expandable roof tent and hybrid design. This innovative design allows for an expanded sleeping area, maximizing space while maintaining a small footprint. With enough room to sleep 2-6 people comfortably, this feature makes it perfect for couples or a small group of friends looking for a convenient and practical camping solution.

Measuring just 16.17 feet in length, the Ecocampor Teardrop Camper Trailer is compact enough for easy towing and maneuverability while still providing ample space and comfort. With a weight of 2,094 pounds, it’s also lightweight enough to be towed by various types of vehicles, offering versatility and far-reaching appeal.

With its combination of compact size, lightweight design, and innovative features, the Ecocampor Teardrop Camper Trailer is a top choice for those seeking a convenient and efficient camping experience. 

Ecocampor Toy Hauler 12ft Off Road Caravan Benefits And Features

If you’re looking for a small yet functional camping trailer, the Ecocampor Toy Hauler 12ft Off Road Caravan offers a variety of benefits and features. This compact and versatile trailer is an excellent choice for individuals, couples, or small families who enjoy outdoor adventures with toys. One of the main benefits of this camper is its ability to hold one ATV or two motorcycles, ensuring that you can bring your favorite off-road toys along with you on your trips. 

The 12ft Off Road Caravan features a queen-size bed with a bunk, perfect for comfortably sleeping up to three people. In addition, the trailer offers other practical features, such as an integrated toolbox for convenient storage of tools and equipment. 

When it comes to necessary amenities, the Ecocampor Toy Hauler does not skimp on comfort. It includes an indoor bathroom with a toilet, making your camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Weighing in at 4,453 pounds, the 12ft Off Road Caravan is lightweight, which allows for easier towing and maneuverability on off-road terrain. This small toy hauler trailer is perfect for those who seek the balance of a compact size without sacrificing essential features. Experience the outdoors confidently and comfortably with the Ecocampor Toy Hauler 12ft Off Road Caravan.

Ecocampor Hybrid 13ft Off Road Caravan Benefits And Features

Are you looking for a small camping trailer packed with benefits and features? The Ecocampor Hybrid 13ft Off Road Caravan might just be the solution you’re searching for. This camper is perfect for solo travelers, couples, and small groups while providing extra storage and innovative design options.

The Ecocampor Hybrid is equipped with a loft bunk, suitable for sleeping extra guests comfortably. As a pop-up hybrid, it increases living spaces, so you don’t feel cramped during your camping adventures. No tiny trailer blues here!

One of the highlights of this 13-foot camper is the large toolbox storage area, conveniently placed for easy access to tools and belongings. The extra storage ensures that everything has its place.

Outdoor cooking enthusiasts will love the slide-out outdoor kitchen, which makes meal preparation a breeze. You can cook up a storm and impress your fellow campers with your culinary skills while enjoying the great outdoors.

With the ability to sleep 4 people and weighing only 3,748 pounds, this camper effortlessly merges function and convenience. Its compact size doesn’t compromise on comfort and features, ensuring that you’re well-equipped for a memorable camping experience. It provides everything you need for your camping adventures in a compact, easy-to-tow package. 

Ecocampor 22ft Off Road Caravan Benefits And Features

Are you looking for the perfect small camping trailer? The Ecocampor 22ft Off Road Caravan might be exactly what you need. With its roomy interior design, this caravan is packed with features and benefits perfect for families and adventure enthusiasts alike.

One of the key features of this off-road caravan is its independent suspension with dual axles, providing a smooth and comfortable ride over rough terrains. You can confidently take this camping trailer wherever you want to explore without worrying about heading off-grid.

The Ecocampor 22ft Off Road Caravan boasts a spacious layout that can sleep 2-6 people comfortably. The caravan features a cozy queen bed for you and your partner, while the additional bunk beds cater to your kids or extra guests. The L-shaped dinette offers a comfortable space for family meals and downtime.

Your camping experience will be enhanced with the convenience of a well-equipped inside kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, stove, and ample storage for your necessities. In addition, there’s no need to step outside for bathroom breaks, as this camper comes with an inside dry bathroom, ensuring you maintain your privacy and hygiene.

To further elevate your camping experience, the Ecocampor 22ft Off Road Caravan is equipped with an air conditioner and a hot water system, ensuring you stay comfortable and content all year round.

Enjoy the great outdoors and embrace the natural surroundings from the comfort of your own private space under the ample awning this caravan provides. With its spacious design, multiple sleeping options, and numerous convenient features packed into a compact and well-engineered package, the Ecocampor 22ft Off Road Caravan is the ideal choice for families or adventure lovers looking for a reliable, comfortable, and versatile camping trailer.

FAQs Small Camping Trailer

What are the key features to consider when selecting a small camping trailer?

When choosing a small camping trailer, consider factors such as size, weight, layout, and included amenities. Make sure the trailer is compatible with your towing vehicle, and think about the places you plan to camp and the climate where you’ll be spending most of your time. Additionally, details such as electrical systems, water storage, insulation, air conditioning, and heating options are important.

Which small camper brands are known for quality and reliability?

There are several small camper brands known for their quality and reliability, including Ecocampor, Scamp Trailers, Jayco Travel Trailer, and Taxa Outdoors. Each brand has its unique strengths and features, so it’s important to research individual models to find the one best suited for your needs.

How do I determine the best travel trailer for my budget?

To find the best travel trailer for your budget, start by setting a reasonable price range. Research different manufacturers and models within that range and compare their features, quality, and customer reviews. 

What should I prioritize in a small camping trailer for maximum comfort?

For maximum comfort in a small camping trailer, prioritize a convenient layout that optimizes the use of space. Considerations such as sleeping arrangements, seating areas, storage, and a functional kitchen are essential. Also, look for features like high-quality insulation, proper ventilation, and air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the trailer.

Are there any travel trailer brands to avoid when choosing a small camper?

While there isn’t a specific list of brands to avoid, it’s essential to research individual models and read customer reviews before making a decision. Keep an eye out for any recurring issues or complaints, as they can indicate potential problems with a specific brand or model.

What are some essential tips for first-time travel trailer buyers?

First-time travel trailer buyers should start by creating a checklist of must-have features and prioritize their requirements. Research different brands and models, read customer reviews, and compare options within your budget. Take advantage of RV shows and dealerships to get a hands-on feel for different trailers. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from experienced RV enthusiasts, and consider renting a similar model before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

Are You Excited To Find Your Small Camping Trailer?

Now that you know all about small camping trailers, you can find your perfect match and hit the road. Where will you plan to go first? 

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