Are you on the look-out for the purchase of a suitable travel trailer? With travel trailer manufacturers and countless models involved in the industry, the choice you have to make for the perfect one becomes even more complicated. 

The features you require or not require can be a hassle to decide and though you come across brands that are higher in the rank of familiarity, the possibility of another brand manufacturing products more suitable to your needs adds to your uncertainty. 

The holiday season, especially, brings out a superfluity of recreational vehicles and other travel trailers on the road increasing your desire to own one for the successful implementation of your esteemed holiday plans.  


Their trend sprouting from USA and Canada, travel trailers date back to the early 1920s and have undergone a series of technical innovations and title alterations. 

Today, trailers have transformed into a more habitable living spaces and has since branched into two separate industries, i.e. recreational vehicles (RVs) and mobile homes. 

As a result of the said segregation, travel trailers are now categorized under the RV sector of the industry with its variations. Travel trailers come in various shapes and sizes and different specialties and functionalities. The decision of which one would be the best choice for your needs is rather difficult to make.


There are numerous travel trailer manufacturers out there, each featuring different varieties in terms of capacities, models and styles, since no two individuals might have the same traveling needs. Many can be regarded as small travel trailer manufacturers, many camper trailer manufacturers and yet some focusing on the manufacture of every kind out there. For example, trailer and RV manufacturers, Ecocampor, excel in the design and manufacture of more than 6 different varieties of trailers and campers. Similar to most transactions you undergo, i.e. the amount of capital you put inti the purchase it directly related to the product you get in return, the purchase of a travel trailer is no different. The ones that cost more in terms of capital tend to have a premium quality and more additional features as compared to the inexpensive ones, which employ lower quality and efforts in its making and could have some to none of the additional features, depending on the price gap with the expensive ones. This readily points to the fact that the choice of a manufacturer and the specific model needs research into them before a decision can be made on who to choose.


The goal of this article is the provision of the required information and comparison of several such travel trailer manufacturers through a neutral stand-point with hopes of aiding you in the hassle-free selection of the perfect manufacturer to fulfill your holiday or likewise needs successfully and efficiently. This list is the in-depth analysis of the most popular small travel trailer manufacturers, the various travel trailers they have as their products and their overall past or current sales, depending on whether they are still selling or have closed down. The list is designed such that it also caters the feedbacks and comments provided by certain customers of the said camper trailer manufacturers to make the list as natural and serviceable as possible.


What Are The Best Travel Trailer Brands This Year?

1.Turtleback trailers: The main focus of this brand is on the provision of luxury to their customers. Being the manufacturer and producer of the flagships of the travel trailers’ industry, there is a high probability of you finding the best designs the industry has to offer in their products. Though the products they develop are premium priced in all of their competitors, turtleback trailers looks to provide their customers with the highest possible return of value, additional features and supremacy of artistry. The older models of their products tend to be the one of the most durable on the market and their newer models adds these qualities with the best styles and designs, hence fulfilling customer requirements and tastes concurrently.

2. Opus camper trailer: Branching off of the key player in the market back in the day, i.e. KeyStone, reviews have suggested that the customers of Grand Design are among the most fulfilled in all the owners of travel trailers and often commend them for the provision of the perfect product to match their needs, as well as a good customer service. The quality and durability of their products can be judged from the fact that they provide a 3-year structural warranty with the purchase of any the products they have available for selection.

3. Black series: Among the very best of the travel trailer manufacturers, Oliver Travel Trailers are manufactured by Black Series Fiberglass Products (OFP) Company, where it takes more than 4 fiberglass shells to manufacture one product. Their products are among the most customer favorable manufacturers in the industry.  

4. Forest River: With its creation in 1996, Forest River went on to be one of the leaders as camper trailer manufacturers and now produces top-of-the-line products that include travel trailers, pop-up campers, fifth wheels, and other types of recreational vehicles.

5. Ecocampor: Making an appearance in the market in 2015, Ecocamper started off as a camper travel trailer manufacturers specializing in the production and design of camper trailers. With a workshop of 20,000 sq. meters and the driving factor of sole focus on quality and customer satisfaction, they appeared as one of the most competitive companies within their locality, producing more than 10 variations of camper trailers and caravans.

6. Gulfstream: In the picture for more than 4 decades, this company has established itself with firm roots in the industry through constant delivery exceptional quality and technological advancements.

7. Heartland: Making an entry into the industry in the early 2000s by a group of people escaping from the RV industry, Heartland made skillful use of its team expertise in the industry to come up with several transportation models of travel trailers that were all praised and kept in high regard by their satisfactory customers.

8. Eclipse Recreational Vehicles: Being among the mass producers of toy carts and travel trailers, Eclipse Recreational Vehicles are travel trailer manufacturers, involved in the production of over 50 unique models of travel trailers.

9. Jayco: Dating back to its arrival in the industry as Jayco RV in 1968, Jayco now masters in the combination of Old World Amish artistry and advanced technology to be among the best camper trailer manufacturers and is the country’s chief family-owned and functioned travel trailer manufacturer today.

10. CruiserRV– Being a major subsidiary of Thor Industries, the same company that owns AirStream and Jayco, CruiserRV excels in the manufacture of numerous models of travel trailers and toy carters.


It is of vital importance, however, to keep in mind the fact that with each and every of the 10 brands we have listed above, there will both be devoted admirers as well as unimpressed critics. None of these, or other brands can be said to be flawless and immaculate, since each comes with their individual perks and likewise, separate problems. If one brands excels in one aspect of the manufacture, the other may miserably fail in that very aspect. It is of utmost importance for an individual to put dedicated efforts in the research of brands that potentially interests you, since a factor that strikes you the most can be the aspect that made an associate remove it from potential manufacturers. Visit the manufacturers that strike you the most and ask all the questions you need to without hesitation, since you are the one investing your money in their product. Though many might not be readily available on social platforms like Facebook, there still are numerous customer-created pages for almost every kind of travel trailer ever to be manufactured. With fake propaganda and social media branding in its full bloom, the most authentic source of information gain is to take feedback from people who have used a specific product or a similar product from a manufacturer you have preferred over others.

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Great and informative article

Gillian Babcock

My brother’s RV wants to have the trailer remodeled because it looks worn out. It was explained here that he needs to consider the type and model that he wants to have for his RV. Furthermore, it’s recommended to go to trusted businesses when in need of trailer manufacturing.