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There are so many gems of knowledge out there shared by our fellow RVers, just waiting for you to stumble upon them. We can learn from the experience of those who have come before us. Discover, learn, and be inspired by our Favorite Travel Trailer and RV Blogs. 

1. Aluminarium  

Leigh & Brian have been living full-time in their Aluminarium for 9+ years! Aluminarium is a clever play with words, meaning “aluminum receptacle”, referring to the couple’s Airstream. Think, “aquarium”, “solarium”, etc.

2. Cruise America  

Cruise America is an RV rental firm. Their blog has really useful information about RVing, including tips and hacks for novices, road trip ideas, and campsite recipes, among others. They even hold photo contests and such.

3. Do It Yourself RV  

As the name suggests, Do It Yourself RV is an extremely useful site for DIYing your RV. and not only that, over the years, the site has also evolved and now includes many different topics. According to their page, their goal is to help travelers discover funny, interesting, inspiring, and useful stories about mobile living.

4. Ecocampor  

Ecocampor is a manufacturer of luxury caravans and travel trailers. The Ecocampor blog is primarily for travel trailer owners but every kind of RVer will find the posts invaluable too! You’ll be able to find useful hacks, valuable camping and parking advice, go-to guides, and awesome destinations.

5. Everything About RVing  

Experienced RVer Al Wiener runs Everything About RVing and it does have everything about RVing! From RVing tips and tricks to funny RVing stories, and his favorite RV accessories and products, you’ll be both entertained and informed.

6. Frugal RV Travel  

Want to save money while living the dream? Frugal RV Travel is the blog for you. Marianne and Randy have been on the road since 1999! They’re veterans when it comes to this thing. In their blog, they share how they do this adventure turned lifestyle through frugal RV travel.

7. Go RVing’s “The Scenic Route”  

Neat tips and tricks, delicious recipes, and more! The Scenic Route is a joint effort by a number of contributors. From solo RVers, to couples and entire families, you’re sure to relate to their posts. These are stories from real RVers that will sure to entertain, inform and inspire you.

8. Good Sam Blog  

Good Some is a handy blog for all things camping. They have a great library of campground information, reviews, etc. They also have a helpful food and drink section, as well as keeping healthy and safe on the road and RV life stories.

9. Heath and Alyssa  

Heath and Alyssa have been on the road for more than 4 years. They are RV bloggers, entrepreneurs, and full-time travelers. In their RV blog, they share how they grow their mobile business and how they manage remote work and living in a travel trailer full time.

10. Life on the Open Road  

Diana Tolerico has been living in a travel trailer full time for 20 years! She’s an expert on boondocking or free-camping without hook-ups, as she’s been mostly doing this in the Western United States for two decades.

11. Love Your RV  

Ray and Anne have been living the dream for more than 8 years now. In their blog, they share their own awesome experiences, priceless RVing tips, nifty mods and upgrades, insightful reviews and many more.

12. On the Road of Retirement  

Sharon and John are an adorable couple—“crazy” is actually how John worded it—who share their journey on retiring early and living the RV life. What started as a platform to share John’s thoughts has now turned into a fun way of sharing their adventures in their “retirement home” on wheels.

13. Roads Less Traveled  

Mark and Emily are not just full-time RVers, but they were also sailors! Since May of 2007, the couple has journeyed by land and sea in their RV and sailboat. They’ve since settled to RVing full-time. Mark and Emily are also avid bikers and photographers. They share their journey, past and present, on their blog.

14. RV Wheel Life  

Another adventure duo who share their stories and experiences are Julianne Crane and Jimmy Smith. Julianne has been hooked on the RVing life since her first adventure with a cute but underpowered class C motorhome back in the mid-1980s. Together, the couple shares their unique lifestyle in their blog, RV Wheel Life.

15. The Wandering RV  

Bill & Kayla are former full-time RVers but they haven’t left the RV life behind completely. They’re now RV vacationers, together with their cat Luna. Along with their RV life adventures, how-to guides, and product reviews, they also share how travel trailer living is like with a pet.

16. Wheeling It  

Nina and Paul are another couple living in their mobile home with pets, that’s not just one pet but 3—a good-sized furry family. They have 2 cats and a dog along for their adventures both in the US and Europe.

17. Currently Wandering  

Who says the ideal family life is living in the suburbs in a house with a white picket fence? The Curren family traveled and lived full-time in their Airstream for 4 years, until 2017.  Now they spend part of the year in Idaho, at their condo in Teton Valley, and on the road, the rest of the time. The kids are homeschooled, or as the RVers like to call it, road schooled.

18. Drivin’ & Vibin’  

Olivia and Kyle travel with their baby Nora and pup, River. Together, the family lives in a vintage Airstream. In addition to blogging, Olivia and Kyle are also recording artists. So one can say that they’re actually drivin’, vibin’ and singin’. The family likes to hike, read, cook, explore and connect with nature.

19. Experience Life

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Experience life is a blog owned by La Mesa RV Center, an RV dealership headquartered in San Diego, CA with a 45-year history. They post about RV living, campgrounds and road trip guides, among others. Their Road Eats section is also full of wonderful meals you can cook and eat on the road.

20. Gr8LakesCamper  

Rick Kessler, along with his wife Angie, and their 3 kids, Hannah, Luke and Ben have been enjoying camping with an RV since 2007. It runs in the family, Rick’s grandparents were also RVers, along with his aunts and uncles. Rick and his family’s favorite thing about RVing—aside from the obvious convenience—is relaxing and laughing around the campfire with family and friends.

21. In the Direction of Our Dreams  

This blog was created to chronicle the adventure of Sherry and David, a couple who retired early to go where their dreams take them—hiking, kayaking, and biking all over the United States. In 2012, David was diagnosed with a fatal disease but they still continued their adventures. Sadly, David passed away in early 2019. Sherry has since retired the blog. We include it in our list because it tells a great story of a strong couple who loved the RV lifestyle and didn’t give up despite getting waylaid by illness.

22. Little Vintage Trailer  

This website is for anyone who loves vintage travel trailers of all kinds. Its tagline is ‘happiness on wheels’. Little Vintage Trailer is run by Kelle Arvay who confesses to a deep obsession admiration for all things vintage. On the website, she also shares information on camping, decorating, events, glamping, how to’s, campfire recipes, and tons more.

23. Live Work Dream  

Jim and René are an entrepreneurial couple who lives a full-time RV lifestyle. You can follow their blog for full-time RVing lifestyle tips, DIY RV repairs/modifications, destination and restaurant reviews, and ways to make a living on the road. They have a program called Workamping—a contraction of ‘work’ and ‘camping’. It’s a work scheme for RVers, where they can score a free place to camp, and usually, a small salary, in exchange for services rendered.

24. Newschool Nomads  

Jen and Brent are a couple who lived a full-time RV lifestyle for four years, together with their two older sons—called the ‘Bigs’. When the bigs were getting bigger and the ‘Littles’ arrived—two younger sons—they decided to put down roots in Colorado to provide a “normal” lifestyle for the older kids. But not before visiting 48 states. Today, Jen writes about Colorado, traveling, adventure, pets, RVing tips, and homeschooling.

25. Rover Pass  

Rover Pass is a reservation software where RVers can search and book thousands of campgrounds, RV park, resorts, etc. Their blog has plenty of useful or entertaining how-to articles, reviews, city and state guides, case studies, tips, etc.

26. RV Love  

Marc and Julie Bennett have been full-time RVers for more than 5 years. In their 4th year, they were able to travel to all 50 states in the US. Live. Love. Travel. In the RV Love blog, the couple shares their journey in researching, exploring and living a full-time RV lifestyle.

27. RV Texas Y’all  

Tom & Stacie are RVers from Houston, TX. Their RV Life blog is where they share their perspective on the RV life and why they love it. Their mission in RV Texas Y’all is to encourage people to go outside and enjoy the lovely state parks, campgrounds, historic sites and pretty much everything fun that the state of Texas has to offer.

28. RV Wanderlust  

Eric and Brittany Highland have been living the RV life full-time for 5 years. Their son, Caspian Theodore was born in 2016. He has been a full-time RVer since day one of his life! The couple blogs about life on the road with a child, working remotely, and many more.

29. SoloWomanRV  

This blog is for all brave women out there who take on or are thinking of taking on the RV life solo. In SoloWomanRV, Janet Groene shares her life on the road as a lone female RVer. She also gives valuable advice and useful tips and tricks. Women kick gas! —Jane Groene

30. WatsonsWander  

The Watsons are a couple from Vermont who loved their tiny picturesque town…but they loved traveling more. Tim and Amanda have been living in their 25-foot Airstream since 2012 and enjoying climbing huge mountains, gazing across vast prairies, and dipping their toes in faraway oceans. In WatsonsWander, you can be part of their journey as the couple document the places they visit, things they do, people they meet, and of course, the yummy food they eat.

31. Your RV Lifestyle  

Jose and Jill didn’t wanna continue living, just watching the grass grow anymore. So after years of research, they up and left their two-story townhouse in a 40-foot motorhome. In addition to sharing their journey, Jose and Jill also share RV tricks and trips, accessories and parts review, guides, and many more on their blog.

Don’t See Your Favorite Blog?

What blogs do you already follow and what caught your interest? Did we miss your favorite RV/travel trailer blog? Let us know in the comments and we’ll check it out!

Hungry For More?

If you can’t get enough of our list, we suggest checking this extended list! Feedspot has a collection of more than a hundred RV blogs to follow. In fact, we’ve discovered most of our favorites from their list!


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