Quick Guide: What is Vacation Liability RV Insurance?

Life is incredibly unpredictable. No amount of planning and preparation can fully protect you from the unforeseeable accidents that occur every day. This is especially true when you leave the comfort and safety of your home and hit the road in an RV.

Luckily, insurance exists for this exact reason; to protect you from personal liability for expensive repairs and medical bills.

But what are you to do if you’re lounging around the campfire at your campsite and a tree branch suddenly falls through the roof of your camper? Will auto insurance cover the repairs? What about your RV insurance policy? Unfortunately, usually no.

what is vacation liability rv insurance

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An often overlooked but extremely important element to owning and traveling in an RV is vacation liability RV insurance.

What is Vacation Liability RV Insurance?

RV vacation liability coverage is an essential form of insurance that protects you from potential liabilities while your camper is parked at a designated campsite during your vacation. Unlike standard RV liability insurance, this specialized coverage focuses on incidents that occur while your vehicle is stationary. By investing in vacation liability RV insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re shielded from legal and financial risks if someone sustains injuries or damages near your parked RV. Ensure you choose the right coverage level for your needs and consult with insurance providers to enjoy a worry-free RV getaway.

How is it Different from RV Insurance?

vacation liability rv insurance

While vacation liability coverage protects your assets while you are parked and camping, regular RV insurance covers a range of accidents that can occur while your camper is on the move.

RV Insurance Coverage

Your RV insurance coverage should include damage from collisions, vandalism, and weather and will generally also offer bodily injury liability and protect you should your camper be damaged from a collision with an uninsured motorist.

What is Covered?

So, what exactly is going to be covered once you have made the wise decision to purchase vacation liability RV insurance?

Although this type of insurance is generally only active when your camper is parked at any place, luckily it can cover a broad range of accidents you may run into while camping.

Property Damage

Almost all states in the US require your RV or camper to have some form of insurance coverage. These RV insurance policies cover property damage that occurs while on the road, but not damage that may occur while parked at a campsite.

This is what vacation liability coverage is for. Any number of accidents can happen at a campground and without vacation liability coverage, you could have to cough up a lot of dough to fix your rig should an accident happen.

What kind of accidents can be covered?

  • A neighbor backs their camper into yours while backing into a parking space
  • Heavy winds topple tree branches, puncturing holes in the tent fabric of your sweet Expedition camper trailer.
  • A wayward spark blows through an open window, lighting a fire in your camper.

In these types of accidents, most RV insurance and auto insurance policies won’t cover you for damages. While it’s unlikely you’ll ever run into one of the scenarios, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Injury to Someone Else

Let’s imagine that you’re camping at a designated RV park and invite your campsite neighbors over for a drink around the fire. One drink turns into a few, and before you know it an accident has occurred; while walking back to your camper, you accidently knock your new friend’s chair over and during the subsequent fall they’ve cut their hand.

Because you are at fault for their injuries and the accident that occurred at your campsite, you could be found to be financially liable for the cost of any medical treatment needed. This is when your vacation liability insurance kicks in.

It can pay for their medical expenses and should they decide to sue, even protect you from legal fees.

Unsure who to purchase your liability insurance from? Check out the policies offered by our friends over at Good Sam Insurance Agency. For decades they have worked hard to provide some of the best specialized insurance for almost any recreational vehicle you might have.

You can check my blog on how much it costs to insure a travel trailer too.

When Does Vacation Liability Coverage Not Kick-In?

Pretty straightforward answer here; when you’re on the road. If your camper is moving, or even parked in a parking lot, your vacation liability coverage probably won’t kick in.

Liability Coverage for Full-timers

Spend more than 150 nights per year in your camper and to insurance companies you are considered as a full-time RVer. If that’s the case, you might not be eligible for a vacation liability insurance policy and will instead need to look into full timers’ coverage.

Full time RVers coverage will cover a range of scenarios, including injuries and property damage that occurs at the campsite. They typically also cover a wide array of scenarios not covered by vacation liability, so they’re often the preferred policy if you live the RV life full time.

Keep in mind that if you have overlapping RV insurance coverages, your vacation liability insurance might be unwilling to pay out if they become aware of your full-timer’s coverage.

Be Smart, Be Safe

The vast majority of your camper adventures are going to go off without a hitch.

Every once and a while though, chaos will find you. When it does, you’ll want to be prepared with vacation liability RV insurance.

Happy trails, friends.

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