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Guangdong Ecocampor Vehicle Co., Ltd specialized in camper trailers and caravan research, development, production, and sale utilizing high-level technology, advanced equipment, and modern factory automation line, with a workshop occupying more than 60 thousand square meters.


Large Production Lines


Workshop Area Occupied


Workshop Area Occupied


National Patents


We worked with ecocampor for more than 3 years, product quality well meet with the Australian market.

Gerry Fredericksen


This company has high quality products and has fulfilled my order with high satisfaction. Andy was my personal rep. and was able to do for our company what other companies have not been able to. We ordered items, and received them quicker than I expected.

Robert Lyles


They just have one model for the dual cab, hopefully could get more dimension to fit different cabs. Quality is good, and very suitable for couples to camp for adventure. They come with insulation for the tent, and the airtronic heater, which could allow to be used in 4 seasons.

Kyle Richardson


A very good responsible supplier answers questions and requests quickly, I recommend cooperation with such a supplier. I am satisfied with the service.


Josh Patterson


Top Quality and Best Business! The factory is very professional and they care about all what customers care. we will have new cooperation soon. Many people like it!!!


The 2008


The original Ecocampor

Ecocampor founder Raymond Wu was born in 1965, in huangshi City – a small town in Hubei. He grew up and study hard in a poor village, where he lived in a wooden house. But the person in the village were all very friendly, every night all the villagers will gather together for dinner in the square of the village, This outdoor activity had accompanied Raymond through his happy childhood .which also would later inspire his first outdoor RV.


A pretty good business to get into

After working to support himself through college and graduating from the Hubei University Of Economics in 1989, Raymond builds a factory, majoring in metal fabrication. He and his family went outdoor camping activities regularly, but his kids never enjoyed sleeping on the ground in a tent. “why can’t I build an RV in my factory” Raymond thought. So in 2008, Raymond build an RV team and successfully developed the first RV. When he tries to post on the internet. It caught the eye of so many other customers that Raymond decided it might be “a pretty good business to get into.” Good thing he did.

The 2009

from hobby to business

From hobby to business

After building the first RV, Ecocampor started developing a specially designed off-road chassis, and OEM off-road camper trailer for Australia, the US. Raymond rented a building and opened a small RV factory in Foshan City, China. This is Ecocampor’s first RV factory.

camper R and D team build

Camper R&D Team build

We continue day in and day out to maintain this high standard of R&D excellence. As we look to the future this will not stop. All our staff is committed to achieving the highest standard available in this great industry.

The 2011

Ecocampor Factory Expansion

Factory expansion

The factory has expanded from the first floor to seven floors, and each floor is responsible for producing or developing different products; Some are responsible for the research and development of RV, and some are responsible for the production of trailer accessories. Each floor has a clear division of labor and the production efficiency is very high.

The First Camper Trailer

The first camper trailer

Through the continuous efforts of the R&D and production departments, the factory can finally complete the work from R&D to production and final assembly. This trailer's output means the factory has a complete production chain.

The 2013

variety of product at ecocampor

The variety of products is gradually increasing

After Raymond and his employee's constant efforts, Ecocampor can produce different kinds of products, from RVs to truck campers, toy haulers, off road trailers, and so on. Then we successfully developed the first Ecocampor off-road toy hauler and a two-row, off-road independent suspension system.

Ecocampors Growth

Camper Patents

Ecocampor becomes one of the most competitive companies in Guangdong, China, with more than 10 types of camper travel trailers and caravan launches, which have been applied for more than 10 patents.

The 2015

Ecocampor becoming big business

From small business to big business

We are working day in and day out to figure out how to add more facilities in less space for the end-users. And without a doubt, the feedback of dealers & users is helping us a lot in our campers & RV, so that we can be developed into one of China's largest off-road RV brand names


Merger and acquisition a US camper company MANLEYORV

A popular brand American camper company
American designed, and military-inspired range of Manley ORV mini campers have been designed to overcome the storage challenges small to medium SUV/4X4 owners face when gearing up for their next adventure

The 2017

Ecocampors Sales Team

The total sales volume exceeds 20000

After two years, Ecocampor has been known by more and more people and broke through the sales volume of 20000 at an amazing speed. In addition, we successfully developed the first Ecocampor off-road hybrid caravan.

Ecocampor working staff

Working staff exceeds 600

Our workforce grew to the largest in the company's history with nearly 600 employees.
20% percent of them already working here for more than 10 years

The 2019

Ecocampor New Head quarters

A new headquarters

In 2019, we broke ground on our first new plant in more than 11 years. Our new 60, 000 square-meter headquarters will stay right here in Foshan, China. The new facilities will give us more space, more tools, and more storage, prioritizing the quality and craftsmanship we’re known for. Moreover, it’ll create jobs and boost the economy in a community we know and love.

China Based Company

China-based Global Camper Trailer Solution Provider

We position ourselves as a China-based global camper trailer solution provider who helps clients develop and design differentiated products, with the aim of helping them win more market share. With more than ten national patents under its belt, the team excels in assimilating global advanced technologies and techniques into its own R&D expertise.