OFF-ROAD Caravan(EC-CA-02)





Exterior Body Length: 8017(mm)
Internal Body Length: 6500(mm)
Garage Length: 6650(mm)
Interior Height: 2315(mm)
Width: 2240(mm)
Ball Weight: 135(kg)
Tare Weight: 1280(kg)



  • Mattress*1, Large Sofa cushion*2, Small Sofa cushion*2,
    Large Sofa back cushion*2, Middle Sofa back cushion*2, Small Sofa back cushion*2
  • Chairs and table unit, wooden furniture
  • Cabinet sets for storage
  • Stainless steel sink with faucet and water pipe
  • 2-burner stove, Microwave oven: G70D20CN1P-D2(S0) 20L
  • Integrated kitchen: Heng brand, A8-750
  • RV refrigerator: 12V, 105L, 452 * 490 * 850 (L/W/H)
  • RV air conditioner: Dometic, B3200
  • RV toilet: Dometic, 976, floor-mounted toilet
  • TV Stand: Installed 24-inch TV, rotatable
  • Philips LCD TV: 24PFF3555/T3,24inches,black
  • Philips DVD Player: DVP3600, black; Pioneer Players: DEH-6350SD;
    Car stereo: JBL750
  • Bathroom bottom basin: 700 * 700 * 60MM (L/W/H), acrylic
  • Bathroom mirror: 500*800MM (L/W)
  • Shower: Shower head, 1.5 m explosion - proof hose, Yuan throne
  • Washbasinsp:do not use ceramic , 360 * 300MM
  • Pleated blinds: White or beige, the unfolded length 900MM,,
    Pleated blind rail: 880MM
  • Mattress: 1500*2000MM
  • RV outside window: One for 1200*500, Four for 900*450, One for 500*350MM (L/H)
  • 3*Storage Door: 700*290MM (L/W)
  • 2*RV Sunroof: 500*500MM (L/W)
  • 1 Ventilation sunroof: 340*340MM (L/W)
  • 2*Air vents: 455*155MM (L/W)
  • Room Door: 620*1800MM (L/H)
  • PVC floor and Curtain


  • Dimensions: 8017*2240*2920MM
  • Base Frame: Galvanized Steel, SUS304, Aluminum
  • The Box Plate: Aluminum, Fire-retardant Plywood, FRP, XPS
  • The front box: Aluminum
  • 1 Front door, 35 M Clamping aluminum, 35M Caulking strips, 8M Splicing tape
  • Heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized chassis and drawbar
  • Independent suspension with double shock absorber
  • 10 inch electric brakes with hand brake, Handbrake cable*2
  • Trailer coupler: Size: 50mm ball, load capacity: 2.5 t Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized, Australian Standard
  • Heavy-duty jockey wheel
  • Stabilizer legs*4
  • 235/60R16 Tires*3, 235 / 60R16 wheels*3
  • Mudguard/fender*2




  • 2*Gas cylinders: 10KG*2, Gas valve and gas pipe
  • 3*Maintenance-free batteries: 120AH, 12V; Inverter: 3000W;
  • Gravitational outlet, Outer socket with cover
  • Outdoor waterproof socket, External city power socket, socket*7,
  • Electrical installation accessories, Water installation accessories, Mounting screws

continuation of "Plumbing"

  • Freshwater tank: Food - grade material PE, white, 75L*2
  • Sewage tank: Black, 75L*2
  • 2*Hot and cold taps, Bright outfit shower faucet: Hot and cold dual, highly polished, rotatable faucet
  • Water level gauge and the water level sensor,2 units,
  • Stainless steel sink:420*370*180MM(L/W/H)
  • Water Heater: Te Luma, 14L
  • 12V water pump
  • Shower system




  • 6*Side marker lamps, 2*Reversing light, 2*Retro-reflector,
    2*Triangular reflector, 2*Retro-reflector
  • Ceiling lamp: 12V, 6W, white, 12V, 40W, white
  • LED exterior wall light, Reading lamp*6, LED lights(15M), Wardrobe Light*2