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The windows are made of high quality aluminum alloy with a black powder-coated finish. There is a positive locking latch for security, and the ventilating panel is screened to let air in and keep bugs out.

  • Model: MG 17RW-AG(double glazing acrylic glass);MG 17RW-TG(Flat Tempered Glass)
  • Type: top-hung window, side window
  • Main Material:
    • aluminum outer frame ; ABS inner frame
    • Double glazing acrylic glass;Or tempered glass
  • Color:
    • outer frame: black, white, silver gray
    • Inner frame: white or beige
    • Glass: transparent gray
  • Maximum Opening Angle: 70°
  • Installation Method: with separate installation frame
  • Fitting: adjustable,25-35mm, 32-42mm
    • (standard window) Other thickness can be customized as customer’s request
  • Features:
    • *Easy for installation
    • Outer frame and inner frames are assembled separately
    • Two type glass and two type support rod for choosing
    • Variety standard sizes for choosing
    • Customized sizes can be made.

Open, close, ventilate, insulate, provide privacy, allow sunlight in, prevent insects, and good water seal. It can act as an emergency exit when the screen and blind are unlocked and the window open.

Caravan, trailer, modified vehicle, special vehicle etc.

Ser Ordering Siz (WXH.mm) Cut Hole Size (WXH.mm) Overall Size


Cut Hole Corner Radius Net Weight (KG)
1 500X300 500X300 530X330 4-R70 3.4
2 300X500 300X500 330X530 4-R70 3.4
3 500X350 500X350 530X380 4-R70 3.8
4 350X500 350X500 380X530 4-R70 3.8
5 500X450 500X450 530X480 4.R70 4.4
6 450X500 450X500 480X530 4-R70 4.4
7 500X500 500X500 530X530 4-R70 4.7
8 610X450 610X450 640X480 4-R70 4.6
9 600X600 600X600 630X630 4-R70 4.9
10 700X300 700X300 730X330 4-R70 4.4
11 700X400 700X400 730X430 4-R70 5.3
12 700X500 700X500 730X530 4-R70 5.7
13 700X550 700X550 730X580 4-R70 6.1
14 800X400 800X400 830X430 4-R70 5.8
15 800X500 800X500 830X530 4-R70 6.6
16 900X450 900X450 930X480 4-R70 6.5
17 900X500 900X500 930X530 4-R70 7.5
18 900X550 900X550 930X580 4-R70 8.5
19 900X900 900X900 930X930 4-R70 10.8
20 1000X500 1000X500 1030X530 4-R70 8.0
21 1000X600 1000X600 1030X630 4-R70 8.8
22 1000X800 1000X800 1030X830 4-R70 10.9
23 1100X450 1100X450 1130X480 4-R70 8.3
24 1100X550 1100X550 1130X580 4-R70 9.2
25 1200X350 1200X350 1230X380 4-R70 7.3
26 1200X500 1200X500 1230X530 4-R70 9.3
27 1450X550 1450X550 1480X580 4-R70 10.9
Other customized sizes can be made after discussion.