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This latest innovative-designed RV side window for 2019 is with ECE certificate. Its superior reinforced outer frame material can meet various outdoor environments. Integrated inner frame with invisible screen and pleated shade makes the whole set window more luxury. It adapts the updated patent for fast and easy installation structures which can save time for installation.

  • Type: top-hung window, side window
  • Main Material: Reinforced plastic outer frame;ABS inner frame ; Double-glazed acrylic glass
    Stainless steel support rod
  • Color: Outer frame: black(standard)/other colors can be customized Inner frame: white(with
    black screen and dark gray sun shade)
  • Glass: transparent gray
  • Fitting: Adjustable, 28-40mm ; Other thickness can be made as customers’ requests
  • Features:
    1. Integrated molding type frames without holes; simple and luxury
    2. Easy and quick clapping installation method can save installation time
    3. Optional position type support rod can stopped in any position needed
    4. Reinforced outer frame material can meet different outdoor environments
    5. Invisible type screen and pleated sun shade

Open, close, ventilate, insulate, provide privacy, allow sunlight in, prevent insects, and good water seal. It can act as an emergency exit when the screen and blind are unlocked and the window open.

Motorhome, caravan, trailer etc

Ser Ordering Size (WXH,mm) Cut Hole Size (WXH , mm) Overall Size (WXH , mm) SX-R70 Cut Hole

Corner Radius

SX-R7.5CutHole Corner Radius
1 500X350 500X350 542X392 4-R7.5 4-R70
2 500X450 500X450 542X492 4-R7.5 4-R70
3 500X500 500X500 542X542 4-R7.5 4-R70
4 600X600 600X600 642X642 4-R7.5 4-R70
5 700X300 700X300 742X342 4-R7.5 4-R70
6 700X400 700X400 742X442 4-R7.5 4-R70
7 700X600 700X600 742X642 4-R7.5 4-R70
8 700X800 700X800 742X842 4-R7.5 4-R70
9 900X450 900X450 942X492 4-R7.5 4-R70
10 900X500 900X500 942X542 4-R7.5 4・R70
11 900X550 900X550 942X592 4-R7.5 4-R70
12 900X600 900X600 942X642 4-R7.5 4-R70
13 900X950 900X950 942X992 4-R7.5 4-R70
14 1000X500 1000X500 1042X542 4-R7.5 4-R70
15 1000X600 1000X600 1042X642 4-R7.5 4-R70
16 1000X800 1000X800 1042X842 4-R7.5 4-R70
17 1100X450 1100X450 1142X492 4-R7.5 4-R70
18 1100X550 1100X550 1142X592 4-R7.5 4-R70
19 1200X350 1200X350 1242X392 4-R7.5 4-R70
20 1200X500 1200X500 1242X542 4-R7.5 4-R70
21 1300X600 1300X600 1342X642 4-R7.5 4-R70
22 1450X550 1450X550 1492X592 4-R7.5 4-R70