30ft luxury double deck pontoon boat for water entertainment

Good day, Everyone. Welcome to our live show, This is Vivi, I have been working on Ecocampor for more than 3 years, specialized on the Boat project.Started in 1983 of the metal fabrication, Ecocampor group is a professional manufacturer to build excellent welded aluminum boats and supply high quality yet affordable boat accessories to fit any need of angles and boaters.As you can see you can see this 30ft double deck float boat behind us, which is our new style this summer.This model is 30ft length, and 2.4m beam , total height is 3.3m, with double deck.There must be the pontoons. Also that is also the most concerned part of our customers.The quality of the pontoon determines the service life of the whole boat. The material we used to make the pontoon is marine grade aluminum, material code is 5052 and 6063, which is a high material grade in the market and make better resist corrosion in the sea. Because many customers buy boats and use them in seawater, and our marine-grade aluminum can assured that your boat travels in the salty and will not be corroded for a long time.for the pontoon , will there be any water leakage? If something unexpected thing happens and the pontoon is broken, will the boat sink into the water after a few mins?Our deck is composed of 3 parts. As you can see that the outer layer is the carpet. This is a marine grade carpet. It also has high corrosion resistance. Its thickness reaches 5mm. Under the carpet, what we can't see is a layer of marine grade plywood. Its thickness reaches 18mm. It is very thick, so that the entire deck is very strong, even under full load, you will not even feel the shaking of the boat. At the bottom is the aluminum beam. Even in the sea where the sea water is surging, it still makes us feel comfortable.Welcome to the interior of our pontoon and gives me the feeling that is really very luxurious and comfortable while also cool.We all know that the most important part to make the boat unique is the furniture.We can see that the sofas of our entire boat are composed of different shapes.For the sofa, many customers will be very concerned about quality issues. First of all, the material of our sofa is man made leather. The quality of the sofa will determine how long the sofa can be used. No worries, our sofa has passed the UV testing, this means that even if the sofa is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will not be damaged or color fade.What you see right now is our bar location.This position we did some functionalized design.For example, we set up a washing pool, and you can handle the ingredients you bring.This location we also come with a 50L fridge where your drink and your ingredients can be kept without worrying about deterioration. Here we also have a few cup holders, yes, you can put your beer, juice, coke into the cup holder, let everyone can enjoy their favorite drink.Now we'll take a look at our console, which is made of fiberglass. We've done the windshield, and even if we hammer it, it won't be bad. Our console also has voltmeter, oil level gauge, speedometer, water level meter, and button control for LED lights. How can a party lack music? We also have a Bluetooth MP3 player where you can listen to radio as well as connect to your phone to play your favorite music.The driver's chair on the feeling is very comfortable, have a head back, during the driving, you won't feel tired. It is also made using man-made leather, and the color is also acceptable and customizable.Our boat is equipped with separate toilets and has shower heads in addition to toilets, where you can change clothes or take a bath. It's very convenient******************************************************************** If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTWk... OUR WEBSITE:www.ecocampor.com ********************************************************************#pontoon boats #boat #fishing,fastest pontoon boat,pontoon boat in rough water,affordable pontoon boats,tritoon pontoon boats,best pontoon boat,pontoons boats,boating,pontoon in rough water,the boat show,boat show,boat life,ecocampor,pontoon boat fishing,pontoonlife

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