Toy Hauler Manufacturers Are Meeting The Needs Of More Diverse Customers

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RV travel and full-time RV living are changing and becoming more versatile by the day. Toy hauler manufacturers are adapting to meet the needs of more diverse customers. 

A toy hauler is no longer just a space for hauling motorcycles, ATVs, and outdoor toys. With modern designs and innovative layouts, these multipurpose RVs are now the go-to choice for families seeking an RV with additional space for living, a mobile office, or a business area while on the road. 

In this article, we will discuss how toy haulers are one of the most versatile types of recreational vehicles on the road!

Key Takeaways

  • Toy hauler manufacturers are catering to diverse customer needs by offering versatile designs and floor plans.
  • Customization options and accessories help owners create multipurpose spaces for RV living, mobile offices, or traveling businesses.
  • It’s essential to research and choose a quality toy hauler manufacturer to ensure the best match for your desired lifestyle and needs.

Toy Haulers Aren’t Just For Hauling Toys

Toy hauler manufacturers are constantly researching and developing floor plans that cater to the unique needs of their customers. From traveling families in need of more room to entrepreneurs desiring workspace while on the go, the toy hauler industry has witnessed a wave of new ways to make use of the added garage area. 

Customization and personalization options, along with upgrades and accessories, allow current and potential owners to craft the perfect mobile space to suit their lifestyles.

RV Living Families

Toy haulers have evolved beyond their original purpose of transporting recreational vehicles like motorcycles and golf carts. Today, they cater to the needs of diverse customers, including families embracing RV life. 

The garages in these modern toy haulers not only provide plenty of storage space but also double as additional living areas, sleeping spaces, and a place for school or working on the road. Many manufacturers design their garages to be multi-functional, integrating flexible furniture and amenities like a convertible bed or dining area, washer and dryer hookups, and an extra dry bath, allowing your family to have a more spacious and functional home on the road.

Office Space On The Road

For those looking to maintain a remote office while traveling, toy haulers easily transform into the perfect workspaces with a view. Many Class A and Class C toy haulers now come with dedicated office spaces, making sure you have a comfortable and quiet environment for work. However, any toy hauler trailer can also be used as a garage office area.

Some toy hauler model offices feature built-in desks, outlets for your electronic devices, and even a separate bathroom for convenience. With this setup, you can maintain productivity and continue to work on the go.

Business Space While Traveling

Moreover, toy haulers are being tailored to accommodate business needs as well. Entrepreneurs and small business owners on the road can utilize the garage space for more than just storage. 

From mobile showrooms to meeting spaces for clients, these garages can be transformed into functional areas equipped with amenities like air conditioning, blackout curtains, and even separate entrances for client privacy. We have even met people on the road that produce products such as t-shirt screen printing or decals right out of the garage of their toy hauler.

Toy haulers offer more than just luxury living or camping. They provide a convenient and versatile multipurpose space for a wide range of customers and their unique needs.

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Toy Hauler Types And Floor Plans

As full time RV living becomes more popular among diverse customers, toy hauler manufacturers are stepping up their game to meet the needs of families, office spaces on the road, and even mobile businesses. 

While Class A and Class C toy haulers are also attractive options, the most popular options for toy haulers are towable RVs. 

In this section, we’ll break down the two main types of toy haulers: the Toy Hauler Travel Trailer and the Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel.

Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

A Toy Hauler Travel Trailer is a comfortable and versatile type of RV that combines inside living space and recreational vehicle storage space. With a variety of lengths and floor plans available, it’s easy for you to find the perfect toy hauler travel trailer to suit your needs.

For those with large families or those who require more living space, some toy hauler travel trailer models come with:

  • Expanded Widths: Measure up to 8’6″ wide, increasing your living area and providing ample room for both furniture and household appliances.
  • Multi-functional Floor Plans: Many of these trailers offer multipurpose rooms that can comfortably accommodate sleeping, living, and office or business spaces.
  • Plenty of Storage Space: With large garage areas, you can easily store your recreational toys, such as dirt bikes, ATVs, kayaks, and more.
  • Lighter than Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers: While you still want to make sure your tow vehicle has plenty of extra capacity, travel trailer toy haulers are lighter.

Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel

The Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel offers all the benefits of a travel trailer toy hauler but with even more space and versatility. As a fifth wheel, this type of RV attaches to your truck bed, allowing for a larger overall length and increased towing capabilities. 

Keep in mind that fifth-wheel toy haulers are much heavier than travel trailer versions. Here are some of the advantages you can expect from toy hauler fifth wheel models:

  • Extended Lengths: Fifth-wheel toy haulers can be as long as 45 feet, providing you with ample living space and an even larger garage area for all your toys.
  • Wide Range of Floor Plans: Just as in travel trailer toy haulers, the fifth wheel toy haulers come in numerous floor plan options catering to diverse needs. The garage can quickly be converted into a bedroom or office.
  • Separate Living Areas: With the additional length, many fifth-wheel toy haulers feature separate living quarters, giving you the privacy of a dedicated bedroom alongside ample spaces for office work or businesses.

When deciding between a toy hauler travel trailer or a toy hauler fifth wheel, consider your preferred towing vehicle, the amount of living space you require, and the type of recreational toys you plan to bring with you. Weight and towing capacity are large factors. By taking these details into account, you’ll be able to find the ideal toy hauler RV for your unique needs and lifestyle.

Toy hauler with ramp open and gear

Toy Hauler Capabilities And Storage Features

Toy hauler manufacturers are now designing units to cater to a wider range of customers, including RV-living families, professionals seeking office space on the road, and business travelers.

A key feature of modern toy haulers is their garage and storage space, enabling you to bring along bigger toys and gear such as ATVs, kayaks, and even golf carts. Many toy haulers feature travel trailers with dual functions, such as a living and sleeping area for your family, as well as ample storage space for your outdoor equipment.

Toy hauler RVs also offer a variety of amenities to make your travel experience more comfortable. For instance, they usually come equipped with air conditioners, full kitchens, bathrooms, and even a drop-down bed to maximize sleeping options. This allows you to maintain a focus on the trip while ensuring all your needs are met.

When considering a toy hauler, it’s essential to pay attention to factors like weight and the capability of your tow vehicle. Different toy haulers will have varying weight capacities that the trailer can hold, and knowing the specifications of your tow vehicle will help you make the right choice. 

It’s unsafe to overload a trailer or to tow a trailer that weighs more than the tow vehicle’s capacity.

The ramp door is another feature to consider. The ease with which you can load and unload your toys will impact your overall RVing experience. Having a sturdy and functional ramp will make it much easier to transport equipment like ATVs, bikes, and kayaks.

The last significant factor is cost. Consider the added value of having a toy hauler that caters specifically to your individual travel needs, whether it’s for hauling cargo, accommodating a family, or serving as a mobile office space. 

By choosing a toy hauler that fulfills your requirements, you can enhance your travel experiences while enjoying the various capabilities and storage features it offers.

toy hauler garage living space

Pros And Cons

When considering a toy hauler for your traveling, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. This will ensure that you make an informed decision for your specific requirements.


  • Amenities: Toy haulers offer many standard features that cater to modern and comfortable living. These include a full kitchen, a master bedroom, and a full bathroom. For those who value luxury, some units even come with a king-size bed.
  • Flexible Space: The storage area of a toy hauler can be used for various purposes, like accommodating your favorite outdoor toys, setting up as a kid’s bedroom, or being transformed into an office or business space.
  • Towing Capacity: As toy haulers come in many different sizes, you have the option to choose one that matches your towing capacity and living space requirements. Some toy haulers are all about the garage space, while others focus more on the living space with a smaller garage area. 
  • Popular Choice Among Full-Time RVers: Toy haulers are often a favorite of full-time RVers due to the flexible and spacious living areas they provide.


  • Less Livable Space: Despite having more trailer length, toy haulers may offer less livable space compared to other RV types. This is due to the large garage area consuming a big part of the trailer’s length. Consider this when choosing your new RV, especially if space is a significant concern for you.
  • Renovations: In some cases, toy haulers may require renovations to accommodate specific requirements, such as office space or additional living quarters. These alterations may demand time, effort, and financial resources.
  • Towing Constraints: Although toy haulers are available in various sizes, larger units may have significant towing constraints due to their heavy weight that can impact your vehicle choices and driving experience.
  • Social Media Misconceptions: Keep in mind that the RV industry, including toy haulers, is often glamorized on social media, sometimes leading to unrealistic expectations. It’s essential to research costs and be aware of the maintenance involved and what it’s like to tow a large trailer.
toy hauler bedroom

Power And Towing Requirements

As versatile as toy haulers are for a variety of RVer space requirements, it’s important to understand the power and towing requirements for this type of RV to ensure both a safe and enjoyable experience.

Heavy-Duty Trucks

When it comes to towing a toy hauler, the right truck is crucial to handle the weight and size of your RV. Most toy haulers require a heavy-duty truck, such as a Ford F350, due to their advanced towing capabilities and hitch weight capacities.

Keep in mind the following factors:

  • Towing Capacity: Ensure your truck’s towing capacity can handle the weight of your toy hauler, including any cargo, passengers, and supplies. Overloading may lead to serious safety concerns and truck/trailer damage.
  • Hitch Type: There are various hitch types available, such as fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches, designed to handle different trailer sizes and weights. Choose the hitch that best suits your toy hauler’s specifications.

Towed Vehicles

If you plan to tow a vehicle behind your toy hauler, it’s essential to consider the combined weight and legal requirements. 

Triple towing is controversial due to its lack of stability and possible safety issues. It’s not legal in all areas to triple-tow, so make sure to research where this is allowed.

Here are some points to remember:

  • Length: The combined length of your RV and towed vehicle should not exceed any legal limits set by the jurisdiction you’re traveling through. Check local regulations to avoid penalties.
  • Towing Capacity: Your RV’s towing capacity must accommodate the weight of the towed vehicle plus any additional cargo. Ensure your RV and vehicle are equipped with proper towing equipment, such as tow bars, base plates, and supplemental brakes.
  • Towed Vehicle Types: Some vehicles may not be suitable for flat towing, while others may require specific modifications. Research your vehicle’s towing capabilities and necessary equipment before hitting the road.

Always prioritize safety and local laws to make sure you avoid any issues on your RV trip.

toy hauler kitchen area

Upgrades And Accessories

Toy hauler manufacturers are meeting the needs of different types of RV customers by offering a range of upgrades and accessories.


Having a built-in generator is an essential upgrade for operating your RV appliances and devices anywhere you go. Luxury toy haulers often offer integrated generators for easy access, providing a reliable source of power for your living or working space even while boondocking. 

Having an onboard generator opens the door to additional camping opportunities farther out in the woods. Free remote camping is now a comfortable option when you can still power up your appliances and air conditioner.

Device Charging Stations

A modernized toy hauler is expected to have multiple device charging stations, allowing you to keep your electronic devices charged while on the open road. These charging stations come in a variety of formats, ranging from USB ports to full-fledged outlets, ensuring your devices are always charged and ready to use.

Washer And Dryer

For long-term RV living and business trips, a washer and dryer on board can make all the difference. A combination washer and dryer can be a game changer, providing you with the convenience of being able to do your laundry without having to go to a public laundromat or campground facility.

Outdoor Showers

After spending a day outdoors with your toys, an outdoor shower with hot water provides a convenient way to wash off the day’s adventures. High-quality outdoor showers allow you to rinse off sand and dirt before entering your RV, keeping the interior space cleaner.

These upgrades and accessories offer additional functionality and purpose to your toy hauler. With the right upgrades, you can create the perfect home or office on wheels.

toy hauler garage with seating area

Choosing A Quality Toy Hauler Manufacturer

When looking for a toy hauler that meets your RV travel needs, it’s important to choose a reputable manufacturer. Considering factors like the manufacturer’s reputation, the models they offer, optional features, and the price range, can help you make an informed decision.

Price is an important factor to take into account when selecting a toy hauler manufacturer. It’s helpful to have a budget in mind before getting into the decision-making process. 

Keep in mind that higher-priced toy haulers often come with more features and improved build quality. However, there are affordable options that still offer a solid build and great amenities. 

Don’t forget to also consider the costs of ownership, such as insurance, maintenance, and fuel consumption. The cost of the tow vehicle that has enough towing capacity to haul the toy hauler around should also be part of the cost of ownership.

Why Choose Ecocampor Toy Hauler Manufacturer

When searching for a toy hauler manufacturer that caters to diverse RVer needs, Ecocampor stands out as a reliable choice. As a leading RV manufacturer and wholesaler with a 60,000 square meter workshop, they have the expertise and capacity to design and build custom toy haulers for a wide range of customers.

Ecocampor understands that the modern RV user has diverse needs. From families seeking a comfortable living space on the road to those needing office space or a mobile business solution, they offer many customer add-ons and also accept custom orders. 

Their commitment to innovation ensures that they consistently adapt to and meet these evolving needs. As you browse their products, you will find that their toy haulers are designed with versatility in mind. 

They offer multi-functional living spaces that can easily be adjusted to accommodate your family’s needs. Whether you require a cozy living area or a dedicated workspace, their toy haulers have the flexibility to provide both.

Ecocampor also takes pride in using high-quality materials and construction techniques to deliver sturdy and long-lasting toy haulers. This means you can be confident that your investment will stand the test of time, whether you use it for family vacations or a mobile business platform.

Lastly, Ecocampor’s customer service sets them apart in the industry. Their support team is committed to providing you with the assistance you need, answering your questions, and helping you find the perfect toy hauler for your unique needs.

toy hauler couch and window

Ecocampor 19FT Toy Hauler Features And Benefits

The Ecocampor 19FT Toy Hauler (ECO-T19) is designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers, offering versatility for RV living spaces and office space on the road. 

With 2 to 4 bunks and an optional wall-mounted washing machine, this toy hauler creates the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

In the ECO-T19, the main living area, garage, and sleeping areas are divided by two curtains, providing separation and privacy when needed. A large internal storage area comes equipped with built-in tie-downs to securely store your off-road toys while traveling.

Safety and efficiency are at the forefront of the ECO-T19 design. The heavy-duty hydraulic rear door provides ease of access to the large garage space, measuring 7.5 feet long and 5 feet wide. This allows ample room to store equipment, create an on-the-road office, or set up a mobile business space.

Convenience abounds in the ECO-T19’s wet bath and full kitchen. You’ll find a microwave, a 4-burner stove, and a Thetford 152L refrigerator to make mealtime a breeze. With all these features, you can easily maintain a comfortable lifestyle on the road.

To guarantee that the ECO-T19 is ready for off-grid adventures, a complete solar power system comes standard with two 150 Watt panels, a 3000W inverter, and a 12V 150AH battery. You’ll never have to worry about access to power when you’re exploring remote or off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Finally, the Ecocampor ECO-T19 offers several convenient outdoor amenities, such as a manual awning, external shower box, and slide-out outdoor kitchen. These features allow you to maximize your outdoor enjoyment and make the most of your surroundings during your travels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features do toy haulers offer for diverse RV customer needs?

Toy haulers offer various features that cater to diverse customer needs, such as spacious living quarters and customizable layouts. With their versatile designs, toy haulers can be easily configured to many different living areas to meet RVer needs. 

How do toy hauler manufacturers cater to families living full-time in RVs?

Manufacturers design toy haulers specifically to accommodate families living full-time in RVs by providing versatile living spaces, optimized storage solutions, and family-friendly amenities. You’ll often find these RVs equipped with essential household features such as kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas, making them a perfect choice for families on the go.

What options are available for office space in toy haulers?

Toy haulers provide several options for office space, such as utilizing the garage area or including a dedicated workspace in the floor plan. Other options can include converting the dining area into a desk space. With these options, you can maintain a functional and efficient work environment while on the road, ensuring that your productivity remains high.

How do toy haulers support businesses on the go?

Toy haulers support businesses on the go by offering flexible storage and space configurations, making it possible for you to carry your equipment, supplies, and inventory within the toy hauler’s storage area. Additionally, many models come with built-in workstations or the option to create a mobile office, allowing you to continue conducting business while traveling.

Which toy hauler models are best for varying budgets?

Finding the best toy hauler models for varying budgets depends on your preferences, trailer size, model year, and the features needed. However, there are numerous options available, from highly affordable entry-level models to luxurious high-end versions. It’s crucial to research and compare the features, amenities, and prices before making a decision.

What is the towing capacity required for different toy hauler types?

Towing capacity for different toy hauler types depends on the specific model’s size, weight, and additional features. It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your chosen toy hauler, including cargo, and to ensure your towing vehicle can handle the required capacity. This will ensure a safe and comfortable towing experience.

What is the best toy hauler for the money?

Determining the best toy hauler for the money will vary depending on personal preferences, budget, and specific requirements. Factors to consider include the quality of materials, available amenities, and overall performance. To make an informed decision, research and compare various models within your budget range.

What is the cheapest toy hauler?

The cheapest toy haulers are smaller size entry-level travel trailer models with essential features that typically cost less than more advanced or luxurious options. Ecocampor is a quality toy hauler brand with a reasonable price. 

What is the best small toy hauler?

Choosing the best small toy hauler depends on individual preferences and requirements. Factors such as size, brand, materials used, model year, and available features all impact the decision-making process. To find the ideal small toy hauler, thoroughly research various models and brands that have your needed features and are compatible with your tow vehicle.

Who makes the highest quality toy hauler?

Several manufacturers produce high-quality toy haulers, and choosing the best one for you depends on multiple factors, including personal preferences, budget, and desired features. Noteworthy brands include Ecocampor. It helps to research and look at customer reviews. 

What is the most luxurious toy hauler?

The most luxurious toy hauler varies depending on what amenities and features you desire in your RV experience. High-end models boast features like gourmet kitchens, large bathrooms, and upscale entertainment systems. Researching top manufacturers and comparing their luxury offerings will help you choose the most suitable option for your needs.

What is the best toy hauler travel trailer?

Selecting the best toy hauler travel trailer depends on your individual preferences, budget, and specific requirements. Consider factors like weight, space, storage capacities, and amenities when conducting your research. By comparing different brands and models, you’ll be able to find the ideal toy hauler travel trailer that meets your requirements.

toy hauler bedroom with cabinets and window

Which Toy Hauler Manufacturers Meet Your Travel Needs?

Toy hauler manufacturers have responded to the demands of a more diverse customer base. By offering versatile floor plans and customizable options, they have addressed the needs of customers seeking not only adventure and recreation but also practicality and functionality. The trend of converting toy hauler garage spaces into bedrooms and workspaces reflects the growing desire for multipurpose RVs. Toy haulers are becoming an increasingly attractive option for a wide range of customers seeking a balance between enjoying travel and daily living needs while on the road.

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