What Is The Best Type Of Truck Camper?

Choosing the perfect truck camper for your customers can be quite the puzzle. By evaluating your customer’s needs, exploring camper types and styles, and considering truck compatibility and capacity, you can confidently select the ideal camper for your dealership.

Factors such as towing and handling, features and amenities, and bed sizes also play a significant role in your decision-making process. Luckily, manufacturers like Ecocampor offer Slide-in campers packed with features tailored to various buyer preferences.

In this article, I’ll compare and contrast different Pickup camper features to help you choose a truck camper that will provide a comfortable and convenient camping experience for your customers.

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Assessing Your Truck Topper Needs

When it comes to finding the perfect Truck bed camper for your customers, it’s all about understanding their lifestyle and camping aspirations. Let’s break it down step by step:

Assess Lifestyle and Preferences

Begin by pointing out your customer’s camping habits. How often do they plan to hit the road? What kind of destinations do they fancy? Are they into off-grid adventures or prefer established campgrounds?

Vehicle Compatibility

Take a close look at your customer’s truck specifications. Pay attention to payload capacity, towing capabilities, and bed size. These factors are crucial in determining the size and weight limits of the camper that their vehicle can safely handle.

Safety First

Adding a camper adds weight to the truck. Always stay within the vehicle’s weight limits to avoid overloading, which can compromise safety on the road.

Comfort Considerations

Consider the level of comfort your customer desires during their camping trips. From basic setups to luxurious options with all the bells and whistles, there’s a wide range of truck campers available. Match the camper’s amenities with your customer’s comfort preferences.

Storage Solutions

Assess the camper’s storage capacity for camping gear and personal belongings. Clever storage solutions and enough compartments can make packing for trips a breeze. Ensure the camper offers enough space for all essential items.

Explore Different Styles

Research various truck camper styles like pop-up, hard-side, or slide-in models. Each style has its pros and cons concerning weight, space, and insulation. Compare these features against your customer’s camping style to find the best fit.

how to pick a truck bed camper

Truck Camper Types and Styles

When exploring the world of truck campers, it’s crucial to grasp the different types and styles out there. Let’s break it down into easy-to-understand categories:

Pop-Up Hybrid Truck Campers

Pop-up truck bed campers combine the benefits and the extra space of a pop-up camper with the convenience of a truck camper. 

These compact campers are lighter, usually have a lower profile, and are more fuel-efficient than other types of campers or even truck campers. 

When driving, the pop-up design remains more compact and reduces wind resistance. This makes driving easier and improves gas mileage while saving money.

While at the campsite, the pop-up design can expand to create additional living and sleeping spaces. Customers love the versatility of pop-up models.

Many floor plans offer a queen-size bed, a kitchenette, and a comfortable dining area. Some pop-up campers even come with a wet bath, making your customer’s camping experience as convenient as possible. 

Solar panels can also come equipped or be added to offer off-grid power for campers. This is a great flexible option for those new to recreational vehicles.

Hard-Sided Truck Campers

If durability and spaciousness are priorities, hard-sided campers are worth considering. With rigid walls providing insulation and protection from the elements, they offer larger kitchens, dry baths, and ample storage. While heavier and less fuel-efficient, they provide enhanced comfort and amenities for outdoor exploration.

Slide-in Truck Campers

Slide-in truck campers, also known as pickup campers, attach directly to the bed of a full-size pickup truck. They are the right choice for their versatility, as they can be easily installed and then removed from the truck later, freeing up the back of the vehicle for other purposes. 

They come with various features depending on the manufacturer, including kitchenettes, cabover beds, and wet baths. Some models even allow for customization with additional options.

Flatbed Truck Campers

Flatbed truck campers are designed specifically for trucks with a flatbed, offering more flexible floor plans and a greater range of customization options. These campers often provide more interior space compared to slide-in truck campers, as they eliminate the need to fit within conventional truck bed dimensions. 

The wider and more roomy footprint provides room for additional options and features. Flatbed truck campers are well-suited for longer adventures, travels off the beaten path, and even on the road full-time living.

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Pros and Cons of Different Truck Campers

Let’s break down the pros and cons of different truck campers in a clear and concise manner:

Pop-Up Truck Campers


  • Pop-up truck campers are lightweight and flexible, easy to handle without maxing out the truck’s payload capacity.
  • Compact size for maneuverability in tight areas and better fuel efficiency.
  • Affordable options with various models available at reasonable prices.
  • Suitable for off-road adventures with easier navigation through rough terrain.


  • Limited living space may not be ideal for longer trips or specific space requirements.
  • Less insulation, not suitable for extreme weather conditions or year-round use.

Hard-Sided Truck Campers Pros and Cons


  • Better insulation for extreme weather and four-season camping.
  • Modern designs with impressive features like a queen-size cabover bed and kitchen amenities.
  • More storage space for belongings and outdoor equipment.


  • Heavier campers may require a truck with higher payload capacity.
  • Higher cost compared to pop-up campers, with potential additional fees.
  • Some models may lack bathroom facilities or offer only a wet bath.

Slide-in Truck Campers Pros and Cons


  • Customizable to fit different truck bed lengths and weight capacities.
  • Perfect fit for most trucks, ensuring stability and safety while driving.
  • Versatile living space allows for adjustments based on specific needs.


  • Limited interior living space compared to other styles.
  • Requires careful consideration of the truck’s payload and compatibility with the camper’s floor length.

Flatbed Truck Camper Pros And Cons


  • Designed specifically for flatbed trucks, offering a larger living space.
  • Ample storage and a roomy environment for comfortable living.
  • Ideal for those needing extra equipment space or a spacious living area.


  • Only suitable for trucks with flatbeds, limiting options for non-flatbed truck owners.
  • Higher cost due to larger size and additional features.
how to pick a truck bed camper

Compatibility and Capacity Considerations

Before buying any Truck Camper, always ensure compatibility with your existing vehicle. Here’s what you need to know:

Truck Brands and Models

Start by considering major truck manufacturers. Each brand offers specific makes and models suited for various types of pickup campers. For instance:

  • Toyota Tacoma is Ideal for smaller truck campers, balancing fuel efficiency and off-road capability.
  • Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, and GMC Sierra are known for their versatility and compatibility with a range of camper sizes.

Payload Capacity and GVWR

Before selecting a truck camper, it’s essential to understand the buyer’s truck payload capacity and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The truck’s payload capacity is the difference between the truck’s GVWR and its curb weight. 

It is crucial to ensure that the combined weight of the camper, passengers, and any additional items you carry in the bed of your truck is not greater than the payload capacity. Here are some guidelines to help you understand payload capacity and GVWR:

  • Payload Capacity: The maximum weight that the truck can carry, including the weight of the camper plus passengers, cargo, and any additional equipment.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): The maximum allowable total weight of the vehicle, including the curb weight, passengers, cargo, and payload.

When looking at truck campers, consider the GVWR and the available payload capacity. Make sure that the camper weight, combined with passengers and other equipment, stays below the payload capacity of your truck. 

It’s important to properly match a truck and truck camper. Overloading can lead to poor performance, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased wear on your vehicle.

Truck Camper Features and Amenities

Living Space and Storage

When choosing the best type of truck camper for your customer’s needs, consider the living space and storage options available. Truck campers come in various sizes, with lengths ranging from 6 to 14 feet, so think about the size and the sleeping capacity needed. 

Most truck campers provide a comfortable bed, often with a dinette that can convert into an additional sleeping space. Some larger models may even feature slide-outs or sofas to maximize the overall living space.

Check for storage options like cabinets, under-bed storage, and exterior compartments. Make sure there’s enough storage without overcrowding the camper.

Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities

A well-equipped kitchen is an important feature for enjoying a truck camping experience. Key kitchen amenities include a sink, stove, microwave, and refrigerator.

Some camper models offer a three-way refrigerator and dual propane tanks for more flexibility and longer cooking times. This convenience allows campers to make meals easily at the campsite while saving time and money during the trip.

Bathroom facilities are another highly desired customer feature for camping. While not all truck campers come with a built-in bathroom, many provide a dedicated space for a portable toilet or, in larger models, a wet bath with a shower and sink combination. Look for bathroom options like a dedicated space for a portable toilet or a wet bath with a shower and sink combination.

An outdoor shower is a possible feature to look for in models where there isn’t enough room for an inside bathroom. Some campers also feature a separate gray water tank, making it more convenient to manage waste during the camping trip.

Additional Features and Upgrade Options

Beyond the basic truck camper features, many models offer additional an impressive list of features and upgrade options to serve specific preferences. For example, Power awnings provide outdoor shade, while insulation keeps campers warm.

Upgrades like a U-shaped dinette, tankless water heater, or slide-in truck camper designs offer more customization, making the truck camper feel like a true home away from home while out on the open road.

When evaluating truck campers, consider features that match your customer’s camping style and enhance their experience.

Remember, the truck campers you offer for sale should be of the highest quality, comfortable, functional, and efficient spaces that allow campers to embrace new adventures with ease.

How to choose a truck camper

Campers for Various Bed Sizes

When choosing the best type of truck camper, it’s important to consider the size of the buyer’s truck bed. Let’s break down the options for both short-bed and long-bed trucks, providing helpful tips to guide you in making the best choice. 

Short-Bed Campers

Short-bed campers are designed to fit trucks with bed lengths ranging from 5 to 6.5 feet. These campers are popular among truck owners with half-ton and some three-quarter-ton trucks, offering a lighter and more compact option for those who desire mobility and ease of use.

When considering short-bed campers, keep in mind that they may have less interior living space compared to their long-bed counterparts. However, many models still provide essential amenities, such as sleeping quarters, cooking facilities, and storage spaces. 

To maximize the potential of a short-bed camper, consider versatile designs like cabover campers, which cleverly optimize living space, utilities, and features.

Here are a couple of examples of short-bed truck campers:

Long-Bed Campers

Long-bed campers are made to fit trucks with bed lengths of 8 feet or more. These campers offer more interior space, often including additional amenities and storage solutions. 

They are better suited for larger trucks with higher payload capacities, such as one-ton trucks and some three-quarter-ton trucks.

Long-bed truck campers provide ample room for comfortable living arrangements, allowing for more luxurious features like full-sized bathrooms and kitchens. 

Keep in mind that these campers can be heavier and more difficult to maneuver, but they offer a more spacious and comfortable experience.

Here’s an example of a long-bed truck camper:

Handling And Fuel Economy

A truck camper should be compatible with the truck’s payload capacity, suspension, and brakes that can handle the additional camper weight. The proper tie-downs and turnbuckles are also needed to properly secure the truck camper to the truck while on the road.


The key to a positive truck camper experience lies in seamless handling. A well-matched truck and camper will provide improved stability and control during driving. 

This is especially important when off-roading or overlanding. To enhance handling in off-road conditions, you may need to upgrade your truck’s suspension system. 

Testing the truck camper combination in diverse situations is important to assess handling performance and make adjustments if needed.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of the truck camper setup depends on the vehicle’s engine and the camper’s weight. It’s important to factor in the increased weight and drag that the camper will create when estimating fuel consumption. 

To optimize fuel economy, choose a lightweight truck camper, and make sure the vehicle’s maintenance is up to date, including tire pressure and regular oil changes.

Wind Resistance

Truck campers have a higher profile than standard vehicles, making them more affected by wind resistance. This factor significantly influences both handling and fuel economy during travel. 

To minimize wind resistance, choose a lower-profile camper or one with a more aerodynamic design. Also, consider adjusting your driving speed when encountering strong winds or severe weather conditions, such as slowing down and maintaining a firm grip on the steering wheel.

Truck bed camper in the city

Why Ecocampor is the Best Truck Camper Manufacturer?

When it comes to finding the perfect truck camper, Ecocampor is the most reliable and quality manufacturer that you should consider. Their variety of truck campers serves a wide range of RV lifestyles and preferences, ensuring the right fit for your customer’s needs.

Quality Craftsmanship

Ecocampor takes pride in crafting truck campers with a relentless focus on quality. Using top-notch materials such as fiberglass, aluminum frames, and honeycomb boards, their construction ensures durability and robustness. This commitment gives you the assurance that your investment is built to last.

Tailored Comfort

Ecocampor understands that comfort is key. Their truck campers are designed with your buyer’s comfort in mind. Whether it’s a cozy fiberglass truck camper for couples or a spacious truck bed camper for a family of 2-3, you’ll find sleeping configurations that perfectly match your customer’s needs. Standard features like spring mattresses, queen beds, and sofa beds ensure a restful night’s sleep during your adventures.

Adaptability and Variety

Choosing an Ecocampor camper means investing in adaptability. Their range of RV options allows you to effortlessly attach off-road truck campers and other accessories, maximizing your outdoor adventures. This adaptability ensures that your camping experience is tailored to your preferences, making every journey a memorable one.

Innovation at its Core

Ecocampor’s commitment to innovation ensures that their products stay ahead of the curve in terms of industry trends and technology. When you opt for Ecocampor’s homemade truck campers, you are choosing a product that is not only reliable and durable but also equipped with the latest advancements, enhancing your overall camping experience.

Ecocampor Fiberglass Truck Camper Features And Benefits

When looking for a truck camper, Ecocampor Fiberglass Truck Camper ECO-SOS3-159 offers numerous benefits. Its durable construction and lightweight design make it an excellent choice to consider. 

Let’s walk through some of the key features and benefits you can expect from this hard-side truck camper.

Durable Construction

Ecocampor’s Fiberglass Truck Camper not only enhances durability but also contributes to a higher resale value, surpassing aluminum RVs. With proper care, this camper maintains its appearance and value for an extended period, ensuring a wise investment.

Lightweight Design

Weighing in at 1,433 pounds, this camper boasts a lightweight design, making it a versatile choice for most truck beds. Its compact dimensions (11 feet long by 5.7 feet wide) ensure compatibility with a variety of truck models, from the Nissan Np300 to the Ford Ranger. The lightweight design allows you to carry additional gear and supplies without exceeding your truck’s payload capacity.

Comfortable Interior

Step inside the camper, and you’ll discover a cozy sleeping area tailored for two campers. Equipped with a spring mattress and a queen bed, it promises a restful night’s sleep after a day of adventure. The camper’s thoughtful design prioritizes comfort to enhance your camping experience.

Customer Convenience

For added convenience, the Ecocampor Fiberglass Truck Camper comes with a maintenance-free battery. This translates to less time spent on upkeep and more time enjoying the great outdoors. The camper also features efficient LED lights, ensuring visibility and safety during nighttime activities.

Superior Insulation

Setting itself apart, the camper boasts top-tier insulation. With spray foam R16 insulation throughout the roof and walls, it maintains a comfortable temperature inside, regardless of external weather conditions. This feature ensures a cozy and enjoyable environment for your camping escapades.

In summary, the Ecocampor Fiberglass Truck Camper offers:

  • Durable and lightweight fiberglass exterior.
  • A comfortable sleeping area for two people.
  • Efficient LED lights and a maintenance-free battery.
  • High-quality insulation for optimum temperature control.

Ecocampor Adventurer Truck Camper Features And Benefits

Ecocampor’s Adventurer Truck Camper ECO-SOS2-163 offers a variety of features that serve various needs. This lightweight slide-in camper is designed with dimensions that make it easy to maneuver on the road:

  • Length: 9.9 feet
  • Width: 7 feet
  • Height: 4.4 feet
  • Weight: 6,128 pounds

The Adventurer Truck Camper can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people with its versatile sleeping configuration:

  • 1 Canopy tent
  • 1 Spring Mattress Double Bed
  • 1 Sofa bed

For off-grid enthusiasts, the camper is equipped with a solar power system featuring two 100-watt solar panels and a lithium battery. This ensures a continuous power supply for your camping needs.

Built for durability, the camper features an aluminum frame structure. This not only adds to its strength but also ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion for your outdoor ventures.

Adventurer Truck Camper is fitted with LED lights that provide ample brightness both indoors and outdoors. The camper also features windows and a built-in ventilation system, ensuring proper air circulation for a refreshing interior.

Combining practical features with a compact design, it stands out as an excellent choice for your truck camping adventures. Its thoughtful construction and array of amenities make it a reliable and convenient companion for your outdoor journeys.

Ecocampor Slide In Off-Road Truck Camper Features And Benefits

The Ecocampor Slide-In Off-Road Truck Camper is perfect for those who love off-roading and exploring hard-to-reach locations while still providing a comfortable place to stay.

Starting with its size, the Ecocampor Slide In Off-Road Truck Camper measures:

  • Length: 14.0 feet
  • Width: 7.2 feet
  • Height: 7.1 feet
  • Weight: 1,984 pounds

This truck camper is larger while remaining lightweight, making it easier to drive during off-road camping trips. 

The camper’s compact size and low weight provide better fuel economy and less strain on your truck.

After a day of thrilling adventures, the camper’s interior provides a cozy space to unwind. It offers sleeping spaces for three adult campers, featuring a queen-size bed to guarantee a restful night’s sleep. The thoughtful design prioritizes comfort, ensuring you recharge for the next day’s exploration.

The camper’s interior floor is crafted with a robust combination of plastic honeycomb board and PVC, creating a durable and easy-to-clean surface. This design not only facilitates quick cleanups but also offers water resistance, making it an ideal choice for off-road travels where conditions can be unpredictable.

For off-grid adventures, the Ecocampor Slide-In Off-Road Truck Camper comes equipped with pre-installed solar panels. Getting the power of the sun, these panels allow you to charge your batteries, ensuring a continuous power supply. This eco-friendly feature not only aligns with nature but also guarantees you won’t run out of power when you need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assess my customer’s lifestyle and preferences for a truck camper?

Begin by discussing their camping habits, how often they plan road trips, preferred destinations, and whether they enjoy off-grid adventures or prefer established campgrounds.

What are the key considerations for vehicle compatibility when choosing a truck camper?

Pay close attention to your customer’s truck specifications, including payload capacity, towing capabilities, and bed size, to ensure a proper match with the camper.

How do I choose the right truck camper based on comfort preferences?

Match the camper’s amenities, such as sleeping configurations and living space, with your customer’s comfort preferences for an enjoyable camping experience.

What are the different styles of truck campers, and how do they compare?

Explore pop-up, hard-sided, slide-in, and flatbed truck campers, each with its own pros and cons concerning weight, space, and insulation, to find the best fit for your customer.

Why choose a flatbed truck camper over other styles?

Flatbed campers offer more flexible floor plans, greater customization options, and spacious interiors, making them ideal for longer adventures and off-road living.

How do I choose a truck camper based on the size of the truck bed?

For short-bed trucks, consider compact designs like cabover campers, while long-bed trucks can accommodate larger campers with additional amenities.

What factors affect the handling and fuel economy of a truck camper?

Ensure compatibility with the truck’s payload capacity, consider suspension upgrades for off-road conditions, and choose a lightweight camper for optimized fuel economy. Adjust driving speed in windy conditions to minimize wind resistance.

Who is considered a reliable truck camper manufacturer?

Ecocampor is known for its quality craftsmanship, durable construction using top-notch materials, and a focus on customer comfort and adaptability.

What sets Ecocampor’s fiberglass truck camper apart from others?

Ecocampor’s fiberglass truck camper offers durable construction, a lightweight design, comfortable sleeping arrangements, customer convenience features, and superior insulation for optimum temperature control.

What role does wind resistance play in truck camper travel?

Truck campers, with their higher profile, are affected by wind resistance. Minimize wind resistance by choosing a lower-profile camper or one with an aerodynamic design, and adjust driving speed in windy conditions.

Selecting the Perfect Truck Camper for Your Customers

Picking the ideal truck camper involves thoughtfulness about your customers’ camping habits, truck details, budget, and personal tastes. Whether you go for slide-in, pop-up, or traditional cab-over designs, each type brings distinctive benefits tailored to diverse camper needs. By choosing the right models, your customers can set out on memorable journeys, crafting enduring moments on the open road.

About Author
About Author

Scott, his wife Van, and their 13-year-old daughter have traveled full-time in their RV for 8 years. They have worked and homeschooled on the road through 42 states so far. They blog about RVing tips, travel destinations, jobs for RVing, and the full-time RV lifestyle on their blogs https://theadventuredetour.com/ and https://rvnomadjobs.com/. They are also RV content creators @theadventuredetour on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. They love connecting with RVers, so be sure to reach out to them and say hi!

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