Top Australian Camper Trailer Manufacturers To Watch In 2024

Australian Camper Trailer Manufacturers

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Australia has become a significant hub for the design and manufacture of camper trailers, blending innovation with the country’s rich tradition of outdoor exploration. The industry has thrived by responding to the unique and rugged Australian landscape, offering a variety of camper trailers to suit the adventurous spirit inherent in the Australian way of life. From the simplicity of tent-style trailers to the sophisticated off-road models equipped with modern amenities, Australian Camper Trailer Manufacturers provide options for every type of camper, emphasizing durability and functionality.

Australian camper trailers have a long history, showcasing growth from basic utilitarian models to high-end features. The legacy of camper trailers in Australia is a testament to the country’s love for camping and off-road adventures. These trailers not only provide a convenient and comfortable way to explore the vast and often remote wilderness but also allow camping enthusiasts to set up camp with relative ease. 

Manufacturers like Ecocampor are continually pushing the envelope in design, ensuring that no matter where you travel or how you camp, there’s a quality manufacturer in Australia for the journey ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Australian camper trailer manufacturers cater to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts with durable and innovative designs.
  • The industry has evolved from simple tent trailers to sophisticated off-road units featuring modern conveniences.
  • These trailers are integral to Australian camping, designed for easy setup and rugged terrain.

History and Evolution of Australian Camper Trailer Manufacturing

In 1985, Australian camper trailer manufacturing embarked on a journey to provide adventure-seekers with robust and versatile outdoor travel options. Pioneers in the industry introduced road camper trailers, combining the comforts of home with the ruggedness needed to take on the Australian outback.

Early camper trailers were primarily basic designs composed of tents mounted atop box trailers. However, innovation rapidly transformed these humble beginnings into sophisticated and high-quality recreational vehicles. In the early 1990s, significant advancements were made with the introduction of the Sugar Glider suspension system, which enhanced wheel travel and matched the performance of coil-sprung vehicles.

By the 21st century, manufacturers were producing quality camper trailers that embodied durability, comfort, and technology. 

Australian makers have consistently sought the perfect camper trailer, balancing innovative engineering with customer needs. Camper trailers evolved to be compact yet equipped with features once considered luxuries. Today, Australian manufacturing continues to set standards in the camper trailer industry, championing high quality with a global reputation. They maintain a commitment to offering capable and well-equipped vehicles, catering to the varied demands of adventure enthusiasts.

Family camping in an off-road pop up small camper

Types of Camper Trailers Available in Australia

Australia offers a diverse range of camper trailers engineered to meet Australian standards and designed to conquer the unique conditions of the Australian outback. Manufacturers are dedicated to providing quality products that cater to various outdoor experiences, from rugged off-road adventures to family camping trips.

Off-Road Camper Trailers

Off-road camper trailers are built tough to withstand the challenges of the Australian outback. These trailers typically feature reinforced chassis, heavy-duty suspension systems, and all-terrain tires, allowing them to navigate through rough landscapes confidently. Ecocampor is an example of a manufacturer that specializes in off-road camper trailers with advanced features to handle even the roughest conditions.

Hybrid Caravans

The hybrid caravan combines the traditional hard-shell caravan’s comfort and convenience with the off-road capability of camper trailers. These hybrids offer a compromise between a standard caravan and a tent-based camper, often featuring pull-out sections to maximize living space. They provide robust protection against the elements and are equipped to handle challenging terrain.

Soft Floor Campers

Soft floor camper trailers are the traditional box trailer business, which unfolds to reveal a large tent area typically made of canvas. This design allows for a spacious interior with the feel of classic camping. Soft floor campers are usually lighter than their hard-floored counterparts, making them a suitable choice for those seeking a simpler setup and lower tow weight. They may require more time to set up, but they offer a sizable living space, often with the inclusion of an awning.

Each type of camper trailer is designed to cater to the preferences of the customer, ensuring they receive the best product for their adventuring needs. Whether venturing into the rugged terrains or looking for a comfortable family vacation, Australian camper trailers offer a quality product designed to last.

Design and Features of Australian Camper Trailers

Australian camper trailer manufacturers are renowned for their innovation and quality, often producing vehicles that are as luxurious as they are rugged. These trailers are designed to offer the best value for your off-road adventures, without compromising on comfort and functionality.

Kitchen Amenities

Most camper trailers include a fully-equipped kitchen, complete with high-quality materials and features for convenient outdoor cooking. This can range from stainless steel sinks and benchtops to high-end cooktops. Ecocampor campers are a prime example, offering a comfortable camping experience with their state-of-the-art kitchen facilities.

Storage Solutions

Effective storage solutions are essential for any road trip, especially when space is at a premium. Manufacturers prioritize easily accessible and ample storage space to ensure everything has its place. For instance, hard floor campers often have innovative compartments built into the design to maximize space.

Comfort and Style

High levels of comfort and style are a key feature of Australian camper trailers. These recreational vehicles come with a range of options, from basic setups to luxury camper trailers decked out with fine materials and elegant detailing. Style can be personalized, with a product range that caters to a variety of tastes.

Towing and Travel Capabilities

Towing capacity is a critical factor for camper trailers, with many manufacturers ensuring a lightweight yet heavy-duty build for ease of travel. The towing requirements vary depending on the brand of camper trailer, with many designed to be the ultimate off-road campers that can handle tough Australian terrains. Lighter options, such as caravans by Ecocampor, are towable by a wide range of smaller vehicles.

Built-in Ensuite Facilities

For those who prefer not to rely on caravan parks, built-in ensuite facilities offer the convenience of home while on the move. Many camper models come equipped with ensuites featuring the best quality materials and the highest standards of build quality for privacy and comfort during extended trips.

Australian camper manufacturers, often being family-owned businesses with years of experience, strive to produce the ultimate campers that blend luxury, practicality, and affordability. Whether it’s a Sunshine Coast tour or a month-long trip, these trailers aim to provide the best in comfort and utility.

Small Camper Trailer

The Off-Road Experience

In the realm of Australian market camper trailers, the emphasis on off-road capabilities is paramount. Builders focus on creating units that can tackle extreme conditions with ease, combining rugged designs with practical functionality to ensure adventurers can explore the uncharted with confidence.

Rugged and Practical Design

Manufacturers of Australian camper trailers are well aware that a robust design is fundamental for off-road adventures. Builders incorporate quality components and rugged construction to handle the harshest conditions. Designs are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the test of time, which gives owners peace of mind. Features often include reinforced chassis, heavy-duty suspensions, and sturdy off-road tires to ensure the proper rig is always ready for the next challenge.

Adventure Ready

For those who seek to push the boundaries of innovation and adventure, Australian camper trailer manufacturers offer adventure-ready models right off the showroom floor. The ease of setup is a critical factor, allowing travelers to transition swiftly from travel to rest, taking the hassle out of camping and putting the focus back on exploration. Many units are equipped with modern comforts and amenities that bring the experience of home to the outdoors, while hybrid campers blend the line between camper trailers and off-road caravans for an elevated experience.

Setting Up Camp

When embarking on an adventure with a camper trailer, the two largest considerations are the ease of setup and optimizing the storage space for maximum convenience. These factors can make or break the camping experience, as they directly affect the comfort and efficiency of outdoor living.

Ease of Setup

Many Australian manufacturers design camper trailers with the user’s convenience in mind. The Ecocampor Forward Fold Camper Trailer, for instance, is notable for its innovative features that allow for quick setup. This hybrid camper provides the comfort and convenience of a camper with the expandability of a tent. It sleeps 4-5 travelers and can go anywhere with its off-road suspension and upgraded tires.

Optimizing Space and Convenience

The storage space within Australian camper trailers is designed to keep belongings organized and readily accessible. It’s critical that these spaces are easy to reach and efficiently arranged to maximize available room, allowing travelers to carry all the necessary equipment without cluttering the living area. For example, in Ecocampor’s 15 Foot Off Road Caravan, there is a front toolbox storage area with separate propane bottle holders. These elements reflect a strategic use of space, which is a fundamental aspect of Australian camper trailer design.

Camper Trailer Manufacturers Available In Australia

Australia hosts a diverse range of camper trailer manufacturers, each offering unique features suited for the rugged Australian terrain. From cutting-edge design to durable construction, these companies cater to a wide spectrum of camping enthusiasts.


Ecocampor is a considerable presence in the camper trailer market, known for robust build quality and versatility in each of their off-road models.


Jayco, a household name in the Australian caravan and camper community, offers a broad array of camper trailers renowned for their reliability and comfort.

Cub Campers

Cub Campers is celebrated for producing premium Australian-made camper trailers designed to withstand tough conditions, focusing on both compact and family-sized models.

Patriot Campers

Patriot Campers has carved out a reputation for high-quality off-road campers packed with modern features, pushing the boundaries in design and off-road capability.


Bruder stands out for its luxury expedition campers, which are engineered with cutting-edge technology to conquer the most challenging landscapes across Australia and beyond.

Kimberley Kampers

Kimberley Kampers offers a line-up of environmentally conscious and technologically advanced campers designed for energy efficiency and sustainability without compromising on luxury.

Ultimate Campers

Ultimate Campers is an Australian manufacturer renowned for its luxury camper trailers, combining lightweight construction with stunning aerodynamics to deliver unparalleled off-road performance.

Walkabout Campers

Walkabout Campers is valued for producing reliable and affordable camper trailers, ensuring accessibility to the Australian outdoor lifestyle for a broad range of adventurers.

Mars Campers

Mars Campers boasts an extensive range of value-focused camper trailers, providing quality and affordability for casual campers and serious off-road enthusiasts alike.

OPUS Campers

OPUS Campers showcases innovation with air beam technology to increase the ease of setup. 

Why Consider Choosing Ecocampor

Guangdong Ecocampor Vehicle Co., Ltd is at the forefront of innovation in the camper trailer market. With a sprawling 60,000 square meter facility in Foshan, China, this company has crafted a reputation built on the use of high-level technology and advanced equipment, ensuring that its wide array of products, encompassing everything from RVs to off-road trailers, are of the highest standard in the Australian market.

Ecocampor showcases a commitment to quality control, rigorously inspecting materials prior to production and monitoring each stage of assembly. Such diligence has awarded the manufacturer over 50 national patents, demonstrating its role as a trailblazer in the industry. For those with specific needs, the company also provides customization options, making it possible to tailor features to individual preferences, a service indicative of its high level of customer care.

Potential partners looking to join Ecocampor as dealers will discover a trusted network, known for integrating the meticulous engineering expected of a major brand with the personal touch of a smaller business’s values. Encouraging transparency, the manufacturer extends an invitation for a free factory tour, allowing a behind-the-scenes look at its production process.

A further testament to the company’s excellence is its World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) certification, signifying its standing amidst global manufacturing leaders. This accolade speaks to Ecocampor’s unrelenting dedication to innovation, quality, and customer service in the ever-evolving world of recreational vehicles.

Table and chairs in campsite with pop up trailer

FAQs Australian Camper Trailer Manufacturers

Which companies are considered the top camper trailer manufacturers in Australia?

Ecocampor is widely acknowledged for its high-quality off-road builds and innovative designs with customization options. Other top brands include OPUS, Bruder, and Patriot Campers.

Are there Australian camper trailer manufacturers that also distribute in the United States?

Some Australian manufacturers have international reach. Some manufacturers that also sell campers in the United States include Ecocampor, Patriot Campers, and Jayco. 

What are some historic Australian camper trailer brands that have been in the market for a long time?

Ecocampor has a storied presence in the Australian market, building a reputation over the years with its durable and reliable camper trailers that are designed to cater to the rugged Australian landscape. Cub Campers have also been on the market for many years.

Which camper trailer brands available in Australia should consumers be cautious about?

It’s important for consumers to research and read reviews when considering less-known or new brands that haven’t yet established a strong reputation in the market. The longer a company has been in operation can be a trust factor for buyers.

Which Australian Camper Trailer Manufacturers Will You Consider?

Australian camper trailer manufacturers are renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation, standing out in a competitive market where customers value durable and reliable products for their outdoor adventures. Among these manufacturers, Ecocampor stands out as a trusted choice, consistently delivering camper trailers that meet the robust needs of outdoor enthusiasts. 

Their vehicles are designed with practicality in mind and carefully built to navigate the rugged Australian terrain. Ecocampor’s products reflect an understanding that functionality should not compromise comfort, making them a standout addition to the country’s proud lineage of camper trailer offerings.

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