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Looking for the best off-road toy hauler travel trailer manufacturers for your customers? With more buyers than ever looking to get off the beaten path with toys and gear during camping trips, partnering with a high-quality manufacturer is key to meeting this demand. Read on to find top manufacturers to partner with for your inventory needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Off-road toy hauler travel trailers are designed to marry durability with comfort for adventurers.
  • Diverse options from various manufacturers allow customization to fit personal requirements and styles.
  • Focusing on quality, functionality, and customization is crucial when choosing a toy hauler travel trailer.

The Increasing Appeal Of Off-Road Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

Off-road toy hauler travel trailers are a unique type of RV designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to bring their adventure gear along. If your customer owns dirt bikes, ATVs, or other off-road vehicles, a toy hauler provides the storage space needed without sacrificing living quarters.

Exploring the rugged trails and remote corners of the wilderness requires more than just a sense of adventure; it demands a vehicle capable of handling harsh terrains while providing a sanctuary for relaxation and storage for gear. Off-road toy hauler travel trailers combine these needs, offering the perfect solution for adventurers who want to bring their motorcycles or other recreational toys with them. 

These specialized travel trailers are built to withstand the rigors of off-road exploration, constructed with durable materials, and equipped with features such as reinforced chassis, higher ground clearance, and robust suspension systems. Manufacturers have recognized the growing demand for these adventure-ready vehicles and offer a range of models with varying features to fit different needs and budgets. 

Whether you aim to stock an inventory with basic functionality or a luxurious camping experience, there’s likely a model that aligns with your needs. Toy Hayler model considerations include the build quality, the size of the garage area, or the level of comfort in the living quarters. Manufacturers like Ecocampor cater to a diverse clientele with customization options, from adding extra sleeping areas to upgrading interior finishes, ensuring you can tailor your trailer to your specific adventuring style.

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Which Customers Are A Great Fit For Toy Hauler Travel Trailers?

Off-road toy hauler travel trailers can be a great choice for RVers with different family sizes. Most have extra garage sleeping areas to accommodate larger groups or families of 4 or more. Travelers with gear such as bikes, kayaks, ATVs, and motorcycles are drawn to the garage space provided to bring equipment along for the trip.

Who Should Consider a Toy Hauler?

  • Outdoor enthusiasts with toys such as dirt bikes or ATVs
  • Campers seeking both space and comfort
  • Travelers who prefer remote areas over traditional campgrounds

Off-Road Toy Hauler Pros:

  • Versatility: A toy hauler offers both storage for off-road vehicles and comfortable living space.
  • Multi-use Space: The garage area can often be converted into an additional sleeping area or living space when not housing toys.
  • Built Tough: Specifically designed to handle off-road conditions with reinforced construction and upgraded suspension systems.

Off-Road Toy Hauler Cons:

  • Weight: They are typically heavier than regular travel trailers, requiring a more capable towing vehicle.
  • Price: With extra durability and amenities, toy haulers can be more expensive.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The added weight and size may reduce your tow vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

As the perfect RV for adventure seekers, off-road toy haulers present a balance of practicality and comfort. Gear stays secure in the trailer’s garage, while campers enjoy the home-like amenities in the RV. 

Key Toy Hauler Features to Consider

When choosing an off-road toy hauler travel trailer, prioritizing certain features can significantly impact your customer’s comfort and enjoyment. This section covers the critical elements you should take a look at when stocking your toy hauler inventory.

Towing Capacity and Weight Specifications

The trailer’s weight and the customer’s vehicle towing capacity must align to ensure safe travels. Look for manufacturers that provide a toy hauler with a weight manageable by a wide variety of towing vehicles. Selecting a lightweight design can make it easier to maneuver off the beaten path.

Comfort and Living Space Amenities

Your buyer’s home on the road should bring comfort. Opt for trailers with full baths and full kitchens to elevate the living space. The interior colors and finishes can transform a camping experience, easing the transition to life on the road. Luxury models like Ecocampor trailers offer high-end living space accommodations fit an entire family.

Cargo Carrying and Garage Space

Garage space is pivotal in a toy hauler to secure outdoor gear and vehicles. Assess the space available to ensure it accommodates camping needs. Cargo carrying capacities differ, so choose based on what buyers will be hauling, whether that’s ATVs, motorcycles, or other adventure equipment.

Appliance and Holding Tank Details

Focus on the details of appliances such as refrigerators and outdoor kitchens. Holding tank capacity is another important consideration for off-grid adventures. These influence the duration and convenience of travel. Check the specs to know if they’re suitable for trip duration and group size. Reliable appliances and substantial holding tank capacity are essential for extended off-grid adventures.

Off-Grid Power Considerations

For those venturing beyond hookups, off-grid power is crucial. Evaluate the trailer’s capacity to support solar panels or generators. This will ensure adventurers have access to power wherever they travel, to use appliances, and for general comfort. Consider manufacturers that offer these pre-built options, typically found in newer model years, to avoid aftermarket add-on issues.

Remember to examine these feature considerations in the context of actual production models and consult with manufacturers for the latest model year offerings. Whether looking at class A motorhomes, fifth wheel toy haulers, or other RV builds, the same principles apply. Your meticulous selection will lead you to a toy hauler that brings a potent mix of adventure and comfort to your customer’s off-road journeys.

Toy hauler small camping trailer with awning and ramp

Adventure-Ready Vehicle Comparisons

To navigate the various off-road toy hauler options, understanding the differences between vehicle types and models geared towards outdoor sports is crucial.

Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels versus Travel Trailers

When selecting an off-road toy hauler, toy hauler fifth wheels offer stability and storage capacity, which are perfect for hauling heavier toys like ATVs and motorcycles. They are often considered the best option for adventurers in need of ample space. However, travel trailers are more lightweight and can be towed by a wider range of vehicles at a more reasonable price, though they may not match the storage and weight capacities of their larger counterparts. The lighter weight can serve as an additional advantage for navigating off-road terrains

  • Fifth Wheels
    • Pros: Excellent stability and storage, ideal for heavy loads
    • Cons: Requires fifth wheel hitch and larger towing vehicle
  • Travel Trailers
    • Pros: More affordable, broader tow vehicle compatibility
    • Cons: Less storage and towing capacity compared to larger models

ATV, Bikes, and Kayak-Friendly Models

When camping adventures include ATVs, dirt bikes, or kayaks, choosing a model that accommodates gear is essential. Look for toy hauler manufacturers that provide models with a reinforced pull-down door that doubles as a loading ramp and patio space. The best options for bikes and kayaks are models with secure tie-down points and protective lining. 

  • For ATVs and Motorcycles:
    • Secure, spacious cargo areas
    • Good clearance and sturdy ramps for loading/unloading
  • For Kayaks:
    • Internal or external storage systems
    • Padding and racks to prevent damage during transit

By comparing the features of fifth wheels, travel trailers, and the storage necessities for ATVs, bikes, and kayaks, you can discern which toy hauler travel trailer is the adventure-ready vehicle that satisfies your buyers’ thrill-seeking and comfort needs.

The Off-Grid Experience

Embarking on outdoor adventures with an off-grid, capable toy hauler travel trailer ensures you maintain autonomy in remote locations. Let’s look at the essential features that make a toy hauler your best choice for off-grid living and exploring.

Self-Sufficiency Features – Power and Water

When you’re miles away from civilization, your rig’s power and water systems become your lifeline. Solar panels can be a key component, as seen in options like Ecocampor’s 19 Foot Toy Hauler, which includes 300 watts of solar power and 2 150 Amp batteries. For water, manufacturers understand the necessity of ample storage. Their off-the-grid packages often include larger capacity freshwater tanks, as well as waste tanks, which are essential for extended trips.

  • Solar Power: Normally around 300 watts or greater
  • Battery Systems: Usually 200 amp-hours or more
  • Freshwater Capacity: Increased for extended off-grid camping
  • Gray Water Tank: For used water from sinks and showers
  • Black Water Tank: Essential for waste

Outdoor Equipment Accommodations – Off-Road Suspension

To support the capacity of outdoor equipment, the right garage area dimensions and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) are critical. A toy hauler should offer a large enough GVWR to carry the weight of equipment securely.

The suspension system is what allows RVers to tackle challenging terrain confidently. Off-road suspension is specifically designed to handle tough conditions that travelers may encounter when exploring the wild. This will involve robust shock absorbers and all-terrain tires, ensuring you and your equipment remain safe and unharmed, regardless of the bumps along the path.

  • Garage Area: Sized for equipment; check measurements
  • GVWR: Should accommodate your total load
  • Suspension: Off-road specific with heavy-duty shocks
  • Tires: All-terrain for various landscapes

Personalization and Upgrades

When investing in an off-road toy hauler travel trailer, customizing the space provides the experience and features your customers most desire. Manufacturers offer a variety of upgrades, ensuring your trailer inventory matches the lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences of your buyers.

Ecocampor understands that off-road travel trailers are not just about functionality; they’re also about reflecting each traveler’s unique style and requirements. With a wide range of customization upgrades, including bunk beds, air conditioning, outdoor kitchens, and electric awnings, you’re able to order the features you want.

Man with motorcycle and toy hauler camper

Purchasing and Ownership Considerations

When you’re in the market for an off-road toy hauler travel trailer, the details that demand your attention extend beyond the shiny exterior to the nuances of cost-effectiveness and long-term satisfaction. Let’s explore how to assess the value of your purchase and the support you can expect post-purchase.

Price Points and Value Assessment

Evaluating the price of a toy hauler against its value is critical in making an informed purchase. Consider these aspects:

  • Initial Cost: Relate the price to the quality and features such as zero-g ramp doors, spacious garage, and storage space, not just the aesthetics.
  • Dry Weight: Validate that your towing vehicle can handle the dry weight of the hauler.
  • Floor Plans: From simple to complex, the layout must serve your buyers. A more luxury product might pack more features but also adds to the cost.

Warranty and Manufacturer Support

Warranty coverage and aftersales support are pillars of purchasing confidence.

  • Warranty: Robust warranty terms from an established or new company reflect confidence in product longevity.
    • Look for comprehensive coverage for the average toy hauler’s life span.
    • Inquire about the specifics of the warranty, especially on critical components like the frame and the roof.
  • Manufacturer Support: Easy access to local dealer support ensures that any issues are promptly addressed.
  • Quality Assurance: Understand the quality checks a product undergoes. Higher quality often equates to less headache down the line.

Remember, these trailers are a significant investment, and assessing these elements before purchasing can save your dealership time and money in the long run.

Popular Toy Hauler Manufacturers

When you’re in the market for a toy hauler travel trailer, there are several reputable manufacturers to consider:

  • Ecocampor prides itself on producing durable and versatile off-road toy hauler travel trailers for outdoor enthusiasts. Their models often feature spacious living areas and robust construction, catering to adventurers who require a reliable companion on their escapades.
  • Forest River offers an extensive range of toy haulers with various floor plans and amenities. 
  • KZ Recreational Vehicles specializes in the creation of toy haulers with a focus on family-friendly designs and longevity. 
  • Imperial Outdoors may not be as widely recognized, but they carve a niche for themselves in the production of high-quality, luxury toy haulers. 
  • Grand Design stands out with their commitment to customer satisfaction and building units that maintain their value over time. 
  • Northwood Manufacturing has earned a reputation for building strong, off-road capable toy haulers. 

Each of these companies brings something unique to the table, ensuring that you can find the perfect toy haulers to suit adventurous lifestyles.

Why Choose Ecocampor As Your Off-Road Toy Hauler Manufacturer

When deciding on a toy hauler, it’s crucial to select a manufacturer that values quality and innovation. Ecocampor stands out with over 15 years of manufacturing excellence, producing an extensive range of camper trailers, caravans, and RV accessories. Their commitment to continual improvement ensures that your customer’s camping experience is not just met but exceeded.

Ecocampor’s dedication is reflected in their modern factory facilities in Foshan, China, where an extensive quality control process evaluates all materials before production and throughout each manufacturing stage. With three large production lines in a 60,000m² factory, Ecocampor showcases its capability to craft durable and reliable RVs.

Here’s a quick look at what makes Ecocampor unique:

  • Quality: With a focus on robust manufacturing practices, each toy hauler embodies the promise of durability and efficiency.
  • InnovationOver 50 national patents demonstrate their pursuit of cutting-edge solutions.
  • Customization: Tailor your toy hauler to fit precise needs with a range of customization options.

Ecocampor’s commitment to your satisfaction is underscored by their attentive customer service and the opportunity for factory tours—all at no additional cost. This transparent approach allows you to witness their meticulous process firsthand.

Joining the Ecocampor network as a wholesale dealer means partnering with a brand that is as invested in your business’s success as you are. Their awarded WMI certification is a testament to their position as a leader in the RV manufacturing industry.

FAQs Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Manufacturers

What are some top-rated manufacturers of off-road toy hauler travel trailers?

Ecocampor, Forest River, and THOR Industries are renowned for their extensive range of quality off-road toy hauler travel trailers. These manufacturers offer vehicles that combine durability with comfort, ensuring you have a reliable companion for your adventures.

Which brands specialize in small off-road toy hauler travel trailers?

Brands like Ecocampor have models that cater to those seeking compact and manageable off-road toy hauler travel trailers without compromising on the essential features required for rugged excursions. With off-road suspension and tires, adventurers have no limit to where they can explore.

What features define the best off-road toy hauler travel trailers on the market?

The best off-road toy hauler travel trailers are equipped with reinforced chassis, all-terrain tires, higher ground clearance, and robust construction materials. They have adaptable storage spaces for off-road toys such as ATVs and mountain bikes, as well as sufficient living amenities for comfort in remote locations.

What should I look for when buying an off-road toy hauler trailer?

When purchasing an off-road toy hauler trailer, prioritize factors such as the tow vehicle’s capacity, the strength of its frame, the quality of its tires, and its weight distribution. Additionally, consider how well it accommodates adventure gear and whether it has the living space features that meet camping preferences.

toy hauler garage with seating area toy hauler travel trailer manufacturers

Will You Look To Partner With Ecocampor As Your Toy Hauler Manufacturer?

When considering various manufacturers for an off-road toy hauler travel trailer, Ecocampor stands out as an excellent option. Boasting robust construction and innovative designs, Ecocampor delivers the durability and functionality required for off-road adventures. Built to withstand challenging terrains, their trailers ensure that a journey to remote camping sites can be made with confidence. The thoughtful features, such as high ground clearance and reinforced structures, provide peace of mind that the equipment is as adventurous as your customers. 

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